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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Diagnosis for Schizophrenia includes that a person is suspicious or untrusting of their neighbors 07 30 2014

Diagnosis for Schizophrenia includes that a person is suspicious or untrusting of their neighbors.

With 900,000 people going missing every year that is not an irrational belief to have.
So what has the diagnosis of people who say not every neighbor is good created?  It put the very people who might have saved those 900,000 a year from going missing on medication and taught them not to have beliefs like that!  Say your neighbor is bad to a psychiatrist and you get a higher dose of medicine because your thinking in unclear.
The reason it is a diagnostic criteria has again to do with that irrational Bible belief that if you sin only in your heart you have actually sinned.  What it really means is that the odd person you don’t trust feels bad because of it?  And you don’t want that person to feel a bad sense of self because of your thoughts about them?  I hate to tell you this but the world isn’t for people like that!  Often when we think bad thoughts about people it is because they have done something bad!
Somewhat off topic, if a young girl has an older brother that is mentally retarded what are the odds she will be a lesbian?  They have to be extremely high.
And Rosemary Kennedy was mentally retarded.  Likely from fetal alcohol syndrome?  Was she given a lobotomy because she was talking to people and causing them to hear voices in their heads?  Was she a mocking bird?  With regard to this paragraph it started out being written that it is not an irrational fear to believe that psychiatrists are people that should be feared and possibly even executed when they stir the brains of those who have mental illness.  But Rosemary Kennedy did not have mental illness.  In order to have mental illness you first have to have mental ability; she never did!  She was born with a mental defect!  So what if there was a sick religion that used those mentally defective, taught the retards to speak to human beings in their minds, and drove them to be mentally ill from the attrition of that?  Should they not just be euthanized?  Isn’t that what Adolf Hitler at first did? But the line is crossed when they euthanize those who are not born mentally defective and are the victims of those who were born mentally defective!  Did Rosemary Kennedy hear voices in her head?  How could she initially; when she was born mentally retarded: she would not have the capacity to understand human language.
Yeah and I know that is your only child sometimes, the one that is born with birth defects of the brain.  But don’t you have any concern for the rest of humanity at all?  We don’t matter to you do we.  You have your pet of equivalent of a person to take care of until you die at which point the rest of us are to find it as beautiful as you did.  I can tell you already that I never would and would find that beast of a person insufferable to spend even one day with!
They want to say that criminals who abduct some 900,000 people a year are normal?  I highly disagree with that!  And it is extremely disturbing that someone who would notice odd behavior in a neighbor would have that as a diagnosis for mental illness.  Why might you not like a neighbor?  Because every time you walk out the front door they do to and leer at you with their hand over their mouth?  You get a bigger dose of medicine for saying that!
And there was a University of Wisconsin Madison professor who stated on the radio that there was absolutely nothing wrong with using surveillance technology to observe what a neighbor is doing???  First of all it is illegal per the United States Constitution as it is an illegal search and seizure.  So I also believe that people like that should be executed by the authority of the United States Government or a militia of normal men guaranteed by the Constitution!
So it was a diagnosis of mental illness if you were suspicious about a neighbor?  Very few people know the history of the United States as it relates to mental illness.  Much of it was from a German nationality man named Charles Van Hise who was the President of the University of Wisconsin Madison back in the 1930’s.  What psychiatry really amounts to is the parents of the wealthy censoring the human believe system of those who find their children insufferable!  In the diagnosis of schizophrenia normal human beings lives are sacrificed for those who are born mentally defective.  We hear voices for the benefit of their limited cognitive development.  They never become independent in life because they will always have a victim of a human soul that they have been taught to talk to and abuse!  Without that human soul to demonize what do they resort to?  We have an awful lot of horrific crimes in our world don’t we.
When they can’t talk to a human being do they grant themselves the authority to create a missing person, as there are 900,000 in the world every day?  What do we know about the Essene Jewish religion?  That they did just that.  The euphemism used to describe the practice of taking a prisoner to abuse was called the exiled priest.  Now some of that changed with regard to Christianity.  In Catholicism priests were required to be celibate.  Why?  So that that beast of a woman could see out of their eyes and not have to see them making love to a woman.  That would be the greatest way to break the delusion of a female that is demonically possessing the mind of a man.  For that man, priest, to have sex and a normal love life with a woman!
When I was a little boy I warned my mother not to go over to the smoke filled house of the Jewish people that lived next door.  They had two large poodles that were the most viscous creatures I had ever seen.  The woman spoke to me with an evil leer in her eyes and a haggy tone to her voice.  They had a son she was always bragging about was going to be this and that.  My mother went over there and talked and talked.  And they were good people to her.  But the father he would sit in his aluminum lawn chair and shake until he feel out of it from Parkinson's disease.  Now there was something about that woman that is hard to define.  But I will try anyway?  She was a lot like a nun.  Kind of rawhide in personality, nervous tension, and here is the kicker eye’s like a crazy horse when you looked at her.  You know they circle around for awhile as if to hide a personal nature and then settle on a leer at you?  And there was another odd woman who lived there afterwards.  I always thought she was odd.  Only much later in life did I learn that she was born like what might be called a blue faced baby and they didn’t know what to do with her.  Oh and I was right that my mother should not have gone over to that smoke filled house.  One of those dogs bit her in the leg and she was never the same afterwards.  She got fat after that and never lost it.  She also lost some of her intelligence from that.  I believe she might have been infected with streptococcus or H pylori from it.  And what we know is that the body stores toxins in the fat!  And I do believe that fat could be lost very quickly if those toxins are eliminated.
And here is another one of my favorites.  “Oh no our dogs would never bite you!”  Because dogs are allowed virtually everywhere as helpers it should also mean that men can holster a gun and go to all those same places too!  Why? To protect yourself from being bitten by the beast.  If a boy is 16 years old and a collie chases him on his paper route that boy should have every right to draw and fire upon it!  If a dog used in criminal justice makes a raid to your house and those making the raid had the wrong address you have every right to kill that dog to protect your life!  To put you in a trial for killing a dog that attacks you is a complete violation of the United States Constitution!  If you need a dog to go into a building be prepared that you will lose it.  Also you could go to the village hall and get a layout of a house you are going into.  You could also observe patterns of lighting.  And you should go in with guns blazing, rather than putting a dog before you and then claiming the person that shot the dog committed a crime, they never did!
Now many people might want to ask you what you are doing going for a walk.  Let’s be very clear about this, you don’t have to have a bulldog that kills children as an excuse for going for a walk.  Nor do you have to be a parent who should have never had children pushing a stroller to go for a walk around the block.  You should never feel out of place if you just want to go for a walk!  But some people will “put” that emotion on you!  They will walk past you with their toothy beast and glare at you.  A woman once told me of how she watched a bull dog get off of a leash run up to a little girl and in a split second snap her neck.
That’s all….
Don’t believe there is something wrong with a neighbor?  It really provides a shield to those who commit great crimes against humanity in our society doesn’t it!  Maybe if none of us were medicated none of those 900,000 would go missing every year.  And here is the next part.  We are expected to believe that all immigrants have the same constitutional belief system that we in the United States do?  That isn’t true is it!  If you were to assume that those 900,000 are all in other countries than you have to question the people that come to the United States from those countries.  Are they looking to establish that same crime here?  They already have haven’t they!
Involuntarily medicating human beings is part of an odd religion that has infiltrated the United States and the world.  Jesus did indeed rebuke Jewish Doctors for medical fraud!  He did!  Beware the leaven (yeast/fungus) of the Pharisees in the greatest warning ever given to mankind.  And as you are a young man entering college just ask yourself where that young woman’s mouth you are kissing might have been before you?  Was it someplace yeasty? Let me spell it out for you.  She performs fellatio.  The back of her tongue has a white plaque from it.  Your friends who won’t make it through college give you free beer after free beer and you find yourself smooching with all manner of woman like that.  You become much the equivalent of her in your mouth and therefore Gastrointestinal Tract germ profile? That mouth fungus then causes foggy thinking or worse like the fungus LSD.  Can you see why a man would become violent if his wife was cheating on him?
And then your wife has one of these children who can’t learn that is stated to be common core and you are part of the evil tribe too?
That’s all.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

I want to say, "Take that h3ll hound and your candlestick made wanton to look of castle dungeon bars and leave my country."

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