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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Humor 07 09 2014

Humor 07 09 2014

Sometimes you can swat the juice out of a fly and it still keeps on buzzing.

Lets compare the life of a child who was raised just to buzz versus one that was just plainly raised.

The one raised to buzz will always buzz while it is alive?

You know a fly is dead when it stops buzzing?  No.  That isn't true.  It is just taking a break while it derationalizes and then decides to buzz again.

To derationalize what you were told?
The act of derationalization?
That is a new word I just created!

"I told him again and again but he derationalized everything I said, and not in a manner or conclusion that leads to progress."

Now we are getting into philosophy where they will and the ability to learn are to separate things that are in competition with one another!  So perhaps the way to teach recalcitrant children is to develop the will to learn, by traditional means, in them.  And I touched on that idea with my mosey up commentary in an article yesterday.

But it is the will that derationalizes what one is told in favor of the will (will defined as ego or sense of self developed from false praise, born with fostered arrogance the product of ignorance)over the ability to learn!

But in order to not be harmed we must have the will not to do certain things nor be convinced to do them.  So we must learn in order to develop our will.  Are there those who would opportunize the junction of learning and will in children?  A criminally minded adult abusing them at the moment they just learned something?

Well it started out as humor.

New dictionary entry of the day, Derationalization,  the process of ignoring the meaning of what was taught in favor of the will not to learn.

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Now I am touching on an issue here.  The United States has always been able to die for what we believe in Freedom!  But there is a big difference between dying for what you believe in and dying for what someone else believes in!  That is why per our United States Constitution we are not to have an army in times of peace!  Very simply put the greatest threat to freedom is those who would die for what someone else believes in without really knowing or having the understanding to know what that means or what that person they are dying for believes.  Now the Revolutionary War and the Civil War were pretty clear cut because they were attacks on our homeland.  The reason we do not want to militarize someone who dies for what someone else believes in and not themselves ought to be clear as daylight!  But it has been translated to mean to die for what a leader believes in without knowing what that leader believes in!  You will hear grunts say, "I will die for my country," or "I joined to defend our country."  We have not been attacked on our homeland since the civil war other than the infiltration of communism and the principle of one mind for all; the medical fraud of schizophrenia.

Are you willing to die for someone because they hate someone; a human being who has their own mind, human conscience and human reason that is coveted?  If so you are not an American!  You are also not a man!

The reason one dies for what someone else believes in when they don't even know what it is, is so that person will throw them a bone in life!  Real men don't need anyone to throw them a bone, in fact they abhor a power structure that has those who have the bones and those who are needy of the bones.  And that is a defacto country that is debt financed.  In other words you have convinced the American Taxpayer to throw you a bone and accumulated $17 trillion in debt.  That won't last and neither will our democracy on that basis.  Now part of that communist infiltration to the United States is to throw a bone to those who have been victimized for their human soul in the principle of "One mind for all!"  In fact it really means that the person stigmatized with the label schizophrenia in reality has all the bones or the mind!  But what a horror to oppress those who are the source of the bones and then give back to them what you took from them and declare that they are the needy!  The exact opposite is true absent the voices that actively deny them competition; they are the source!

So why do we have an army in times of peace?  Because it creates a false power structure!  It creates false pride to the wealthy.  We have an army in times of peace because we have a whole generation of those who cannot meet academic standards hence the grunt class!  And what do they amount to? Insecure!  The war in the middle east was an economic war!  All it really succeeded in doing is creating more profits for the families of the worlds oil industry; a confederacy.

Is the grunt that doesn't even know what he is risking his life for a brave man?  No!  Okay on the other hand the upper end of the false power structure doesn't want the grunt to know there isn't any difference between themselves and the grunt.  But the grunt already knows there isn't!  So my point is that if there is no difference than there should be no difference as to their wealth and that equation only balances to the benefit of mankind if the wealthy are lowered in status.  So how does the grunt behave in a conflict in times of peace?  Like a complete coward!  Why because he hopes to the one who survives to come home and be thrown the bone to!  Might he even kill his own service mates through friendly fire?  The fact is that the wealthy should not have the bones when they are of the cognitive framework that believes in this type of power structure!

So that grunt couldn't make it through college to understand that the false power structure existed so he will be a slave to it all his life!  One might say he had a conflict between his will and his ability to learn!  One could say that he was never brave enough to learn.

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