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Sunday, July 6, 2014

You can't allow for an irresponsible wealth class without the human race becoming extinct 07 06 2014

You can't allow for an irresponsible wealth class without the human race becoming extinct 07 06 2014

And when you see that figure of 900,000 going missing worldwide the only conclusion that you can come to is that a mixed breed is causing it.  Mongrel means mixed breed.  Mongoloid, Republican Honored Downs Syndrome, and all forms of mental retardation are mixed breeds.

And they are caused by alcohol!  There are other causes too.  But just look at it this way, everything an animal learns not to put in its mouth, like a deer does, in order that they don't drop over dead and can ensure the "family" lives, the human being has abandoned!  It is fun to be one of us that isn't one of us isn't it!  The mixed breed loves nothing more than being one of us that isn't one of us!  It's favorite activity is demonic possession of human beings.

Not only that if there ever was a normal human being and they were given alcohol their higher brain function would be compromised from it and they too would have the symptoms of the temporary mixed breed, and those symptoms would become permanent if they continued to use it.

All sexual victimize-rs of children, drug dealers, and en-slavers such as pimps are that mixed breed.

How hard would it be to extricate the mixed breed from us?  Think of how much trouble United States soldiers had in Viet Nam or how much trouble Chai Vang gave to residents up North.  Or how easily the London Interbank Offer rate was manipulated and profited from during the mortgage crisis.  Or how FDR who married a lesbian looted the New York Stock Exchange in 1929 and used the proceeds to finance his campaign to become President of the United States and repeal Prohibition.  And why did they repeal Prohibition?  This next phrase sums it up best, "He was nervous, like he wasn't one of us and didn't want anyone else to know!"

I want out of this country!  But men don't leave so I will stay and fight the issue!  Once the United States democracy and our Constitution falls it will be the end of humanity.

If a parent of a mentally retarded child receives $80,000 from social security a year, as they do in Wisconsin, to take care of that child, as a person with Down's Syndrome is classified as, how expensive a house can they afford assuming the mortgage is 1/3 the $80,000.oo a year. Well I come up with about a 4.7 million dollar home, using an online calculator and assuming a 4% interest rate, o down payment, $26,666 (1/3 of $80,000) available to pay on a 30 year mortgage every year.  But that number is too high.  Needless to say it creates a millionaire out of someone who has a downs syndrome child and drains social security.  It elevates them to neighborhoods that they do not belong in when they should be in the barrio and sorry they ever drank or used drunks during while and after becoming pregnant!  But when you view that number and think of who was granted a high paying job based on tribal networking (Corporate Welfare) you know right away why some people never belonged in your middle class neighborhood and rather the barrio instead!  You will also see how the American Indian who came from Asia that makes money through addictive gambling is likely to surpass everyone else in the United States and own the wealthiest homes while being the least educable!  We can thank Governor Doyle and Organized crime for that!  And what will that mixed breed resort to?  Scalping white people and killing us in genocide like they did when we first arrived here and like they did to other native American tribes too as a matter and course of daily life!  The savage never had a United Country because that isn't what he believed in!

If all you enjoy doing is ruining happy families what are you going to do when there aren't any more left and your only source of entertainment is gone?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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