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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Awe Hey Reality of Sexual Predators 07 24 2014

The “Awe hey” reality of SEXUAL PREDATORS 07 24 2014

1.      So communities across the nation are barring sexual predators from living in them. 

2.      That really means that if they had lived there previously that they are defacto evicted from that neighborhood.

3.      So what if a whole one of the 50 states stated none can live here?  Then they would have to move to other states.

4.      Then what happens when we decide that we don’t want them living in any of our states and we deport them to the national origin of their surname?

a.       Now that country cries foul and kills them.

b.      That country cries foul and sinks the boat and kills them and we lose a boat?  We could require it to be one of their boats in the first place.

c.       Now that country views it as a crime against humanity that they committed and kills them?  (Now this could lead to issues of fraudulent conviction in the United States and obfuscated cause for the death that should not have happened, Ie genocide of those who never committed the crime, because of a shrugging of responsibility and transfer of it.  The crime being in the transfer and shared responsibility.

d.      Now let’s say that they gain a stronghold in their native country and then represent a military threat to the United States?

e.       What if they country that we send them back to views it as an act of War?  Then in effect the United States would be fighting on behalf of those who we have determined committed horrific crimes… we would be fighting a War with normal Americans being required to fight for the rights of those who we as Americans already determined need to have their rights to live in our neighborhoods denied to them!

It really spells out that they should get the DEATH PENALTY doesn’t it!  So why don’t they?  Who is it in our political leadership that finds a commonality with them?  Who would bring down a nation of the free in support of the rights that the nation of the free doesn’t even believe in?  The right to sexually molest children and live among us?  Are they not sentenced to death because someone can make an easy United States dollar from presuming to treat and reform them from the condition?  What parent can’t teach their children what not to do?  Will the child that sexually molests as a bully also be an adult or transitional adult that does?  Will that child also enjoy the imagery of children being sexually molested?  As if the pain of a human being is a source of their life force, intelligence…and now I am getting into criminal mind theory that no one wants to address, inverse imprintation from what amounts to be torture; a crime against humanity punishable by the death penalty anywhere in the world (accept a few select countries like the United States and Israel?)

Who is it that would say they believe in a kindler gentler nation and advocate torture at the same time? (George Bush) They don’t add up to a congruent self or personality do they!
The Awe Hey reality is that,
1. You don't want them living in your communities.
2. But you have absolutely no problem with them living in other American Communities???
3. And you don't wan them to get the death penalty.
I just read those three elements of logic and come to the conclusion that in some way you are just as bad as the sexual predator themself in some way!!!  Number 2 there is what explains that point for those of you who need points highly articulated and don't seem to undertsand that train of thought or stream of consciousness of a human being.


Thomas Paul Murphy

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Author note: had a computer virus that has kept me from posting for a few days.  I just took that computer to the store and had them fix the virus for the first time in my life!  (I usually was just able to fix it myself.)

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