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Friday, July 11, 2014

Pride is only a sin in context of what you are proud of 07 11 2014

Pride is only a sin in context of what you are proud of 07 11 2014

People who are proud of their accomplishments do not fear the truth being known as to their accomplishments and achievements.  Therefore transparency is the doctrine of men.
How can being proud and therefore seeking achievement ever be rationally considered to be a sin!  It has to do with who was saying it, who they were saying it to, and what it was about; doesn’t it!  It also implies that the population at the time that passage of the Bible was written was of those who had absolutely nothing to be proud of!  And who ruled in that era?  It was an evil woman named Jezebel; or maybe even a race of horrific Romans with fetal alcohol syndrome disorder (it didn’t have a medical term in those days so what would they have called them??)
Achievement being something to fear?  For pride to be a sin means you don’t believe people earned their achievement because you are projecting your reality with regard to achievement onto others?
Now it works two ways doesn’t it! 
‘A’. Those who were mentally defective (‘A’ for shorthand in this convention) can never comprehend how someone can achieve something because they don’t have the educated frame of mind to do so!  So they will attribute that achievement to not being made by that person when it actually was!
‘B’. Now a real man ‘B’ looks at the person who has permanently sleepy eyes from a birth and knows dog gone well that person cannot achieve on their own merit! 
Now in a conflict between ‘A’ and ‘B’ who wins?  ‘A’ wins because he is horrific from day one of birth and ‘B’ loses because he has to comply with the standards of respect in humanity!  He has to grant ‘A’ the status of being human even though ‘A’ doesn’t have his own human reason or human conscience!  And it is ‘A’ that is the rise of horrific empires and not ‘B’!  ‘B’ on the other hand has a duty to humanity to be proactive in preserving standards of humanity and what is a horror and will be and what isn’t!  But when he does so the Jezebel that sired ‘A’ cries foul!  And B is labeled to be the exact opposite of what he really is!  And that bolsters the sense of self esteem of ‘A’!  Momma actively created the conditions precedent for ‘A’ to be successful and ‘B’ to fail!  Partly through false praise before there was ever achievement?  And that objectification comes because that is how she was viewed by men, as an objectified sex object!  And the reason being is because A wasn’t raised to consider a woman to be anything greater than that!  To ‘A’ a woman is something that is to be spoiled rotten and not have to be accountable for her actions.  For if ‘A’ were to try to teach her to be anything different than that, the woman would leave ‘A’!  ‘B’ on the other hand, the real man, expects his woman to have equal intelligence or at least not be a complete trouble maker!  ‘B’ would abhor a son being raised to be prideful without achievement!  ‘B’ would never give his son false praise.  ‘A’ on the other hand would create an entire economy that is based on false praise and false monetary reward!  And ‘A’ is this way because he is projecting his self pity onto his own son! ‘A’ wins because he has the mind of a female and the female of the species is far more deadly than the male!  But it isn’t fair to all human being females to state that A is a man that has a mind of a female!  Why not?  Because the same comparison between ‘A’ and ‘B’ as males can be made between ‘A’ and ‘B’ as if they are females!  Hence what can ‘A’ as a female be said to have the mind of?  One can only then state she is mentally defective in comparison to a ‘B’ female that does not give her children false praise?  Or fosters them learning on their own and becoming responsible adults versus ‘A’ female that can only raise the criminal minded to be criminal minded?
Jesus Christ and the Bible was written from the point of view of ‘B’ trying to expose ‘A’.  And often it does so from the antithetical point of view!  But those who preach it don’t have the comprehension to preach it in that manner!  It is the word of God; but the lessons of it can only be taught by real men and not A!
What about the teacher that denies one child pride in natural learning and grants pride to the child that has a behavior problem?
Ever see two males give each other the signal that it is time to leer at another male?  How is that not demonic possession by a woman of them?  The Bible gives them a break or an impetus to be that way to with the phrase one cannot serve two masters?  It really means that type of man cannot have a wife and be a man at the same type.  That makes it scapegoat philosophy.  Or rather religion pandering to the weak minded and propagandizing the weak minded.  And they likely have no idea what they are.  They have not sense of how real men see them; because they have never been subject to that fatherly scrutiny!
In summary ‘B’ is proud of his achievement and should be because it was just that achievement!  He didn’t need any help doing so!  ‘A’ on the other hand would interject into all the works of men so that he could claim he was party to the achievement!  ‘A’ never mentally matured to be a man in his life!  But ‘A’ received false praise in everything that he did so he never actually makes the standard of achievement in life!  What ‘A’ therefore loathes more than anything is the achievement of men or even the thoughts of men!  ‘A’ is the reason men ( ‘B’ ) are put on psychiatric medicine!
‘B’ has every right to be proud in life while ‘A’ has none!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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