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Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Addictive Substance 07 05 2014

The Addictive Substance 07 05 2014

One never takes an addictive substance for the second time out of their own volition.
So what happens when one sells and addictive substance so that they can buy more for themselves?  Are they guilty?  Yes!  They have still committed a crime independent of whether they were taking an addictive substance or not!
What happens when they fight to maintain what they call Liberty to continue to take that substance?  Are they doing so under their own volition?  No!  But again it doesn’t matter they are guilty for anyone they harmed because of it!
So if you are not fighting and harming people under your own volition but you are doing it anyway are you not a monster?  Somehow a monster was made out of you!  Or were you always a monster from day 1?  And that is why you needed the substance of escapism?  If you were a monster from day 1 we need to understand why you are that way!  And could it likely be that your conception and maturation in the womb was mal influenced by an addictive substance?  We already know that is true!  That some children are born with an addiction to the substance their mother was taking!  So if it is true of one substance that is addictive and therefore very dangerous because it is addictive then it is also likely true of every addictive substance.
Now who is it that would fight for the right for their child to be born with an addiction?  That would have to a monster!
And because it is addictive the substance itself propagates its own further use!
It is therefore like a cancer!
And what is the force of addiction?  To feel the happiness from achievement and success without having to go to the effort it takes to be successful.
And who are often drug users in our society?  Those who make a living by pretending to be someone else or something they are not!  Actors and actresses fit into that class.  As well as those who rose to the top of where they are through what can be termed as tribal networking.  Therefore the framework for tribal networking, the limited liability corporate structure should have never existed!  The rise of the Corporation came as the exact same time Prohibition was repealed.  If the Corporate structure was so great the tax proceeds from it would make us Debt Free and we would not have the untenable $17 trillion in debt!  So it isn’t and that can’t be denied.  It can be viewed like a scale of justice either the Corporation is providing taxes to our treasury or they are stealing from the American Public and creating debt for us.  That debt amounts to hidden proceeds from crime that the American Public is liable for.  Those that take the addictive substances should have never received the salaries in order to afford them!
So you tell me how this is resolved without a terminal solution?  Can you see how it will lead to a terminal solution for all of us?  What does that justify to you?

It would be a war that required the righteous with human heart to be stronger than those who have little personal will power other than to promote the addictive substance. The addicts have nothing to lose in the matter because if they could achieve they would not need or desire the addictive substance.  Also they resent those who can achieve in the first place by taking the addictive substance out of jealousy for them so they have the motive/operand to harm them!  So do we let them continue to prey on us?  Do we allow them opportunity after opportunity to spread that cancer upon the human race?  What choice do we have in the matter?  What leadership to we have that does not believe in the addictive substance?  There have been many families that have lost loved ones to the addictive substance but do they turn against it?  Rarely!  It killed a family member and they are complacent with that!  I am not that same way!

Perhaps what most people don't realize but should is that the act of okaying yourself to take the addictive substance is the act of condemning yourself to guilt and punishment from any of your personal actions while on the addictive substance!  The addict in effect is signing off that he is a criminal!  He is stating that he would rather live under the delusion of not being legally responsible for his actions while he took the addictive substance!  That accountability and the notion and understanding of its meaning need to be strictly taught and enforced.  And here is why it never happens!  If you start executing drunk drivers for killing people it is not too long after that that the alcohol business goes away!  And back to the beginning of this article!  They will fight so that it doesn't and not under their own volition because it is addictive!  So how does or should society handle those who do not act under their own volition but commit crimes? The responsible thing is strict enforcement and also educating people as to the nature of addiction and loss of control for ones actions!  And that is knowledge that never has to see dust on its book covers in the future of humanity!

And what if there was a race among us that loved the trouble that addictive substances caused!  They loved to promote the addictive substance and all the human misery that followed along with it?  What should be done about them?  We can try and educate them as this article serves to do!  But even when it hits home and kills a family member they do not care! Why?  Because they have already developed a stubborn belief system that will not allow them to question any of their prior beliefs or actions.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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