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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Why hasn't the Jewish Federation gone after Bush 07 06 2014

Why hasn't the Jewish Federation gone after Bush 07 06 2014

Anyone who has worked in Corporate analysts knows that companies such as steel companies coordinate with the buyer in order to achieve certain metallurgical properties and size characteristics for the steel produced.  And often the buyer will take the seller on a tour of what is being built so that the needs can be further customized.  War machines and also gas chambers?

So if my memory from reading that article is correct that company was the largest steel company in Nazi Germany and the money from it was transferred, without consideration, to the Bush family in a New York Bank by a related Bank in Germany owned by the steel company and Fritz Thyssen.  

And this is particular relevant to today's United States politics because the Republican party considers the Downs Syndrome children to be the new master race!  In Wisconsin the parent of a mentally retarded child receives $80,000.oo a year to take care of it!  That is enough money so that 1/3 of it could pay the yearly mortgage on a $4.7 million home.  And these children are not being taken care of to the standard of $80 k a year!  They smell like their loving and caring parents never wipe their behinds!  That drains social security for those who truly deserve it, those who were not born defective but rather disabled later in life while working (for those who were born defective?)

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