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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Democratic Party is the old Party out of the Confederate South 07 27 2014

The Democratic Party is the old Party out of the Confederate South 07 27 2014

The Confederate South was pro Slavery in the Civil War.  Charles Sumner demanded that Great Britain give the United States Canada for helping the South in the Civil War to keep slavery in place. He also demanded that the South be stripped of its statehoods in the reconstruction.  He was beaten on the head and almost died.  The comment he made with regard to the slave masters verbal ability was that the words came from the minds of its slaves.  Think of that when I tell you that Schizophrenia is Medical Fraud.

But Charles didn't get his way on those issues, but you would think that the Democratic Party would have been dissolved after the Civil War but it wasn't.

Now my mother and father were Democrats.  My mother was because her father was.  My father was because of how they did bring many great things to the people like rural electrification.  But with regard to my Grandfather I believe my mother told me that he liked FDR.  FDR is said to have had broadcast fireside speeches.  He repealed Prohibition which Prohibited the Sale and Consumption of Alcohol.  My mother isn't a drinker but my Grandfather was.  She told me that my Grandmother would find his whiskey bottles and crack them up.  Now other than that my Grandfather is said to have been the best.  But I have to wonder if in his fireside speeches he didn't hint at needing a drink every so now and again.  Leading the people to believe if they voted for him he would end the prohibition of alcohol.  Per my analysis he looted the stock market in the crash of 1929 and that Financed his election.  So here we also have the first instance of Financial dominance by the criminal elite.  What else?

I never knew either of my Grandfathers but if the one was so great why did my Grandmother break his whiskey bottles????  Anyone understand what that question is about?

Now that Grandfather died of Prostate cancer which alcohol is known to be a cause of.  My other Grandfather also died of alcoholism.  So indeed the people that voted for him died because of him!

And what about the Confederate South?  Would it have existed without alcohol?  Where slave owner mildly mentally retarded?  Does fetal alcohol syndrome lead to people being born who will have a mean streak all their lives?  Is alcohol responsible for untenanted actions of Corporate America today?  Does alcohol lead to kingdoms of the mentally defective being created and the population of normal human beings become victimized and labeled schizophrenic to their benefit?  Can we diagnose those who do not have their own human soul because of alcohol and place them in detention camps?  Should we make detention camps out of areas of the south and place those of the mental defect from all across the United States in them until they have sobered up and kicked the addiction?  If we really want to be pro-humanity that is what I believe we should do!

And when I see Hillary Clinton on television I am reminded that about 9 out of 10 of the last United States Presidents have come from the south!  Also that the female brain is 10 % less the size of normal mans mind.  That alcohol causes a great many delays in mental development during ones life stages.  And for the good of all women across the world they should never be allowed to drink alcohol!  NEVER!  And I say that because I love women.  I don't believe that men should drink either.  Most people don't see it for what it really is; a poison that is toxic to the human brain.  A poison that is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere.  A poison that is addictive and those who are addicted to it have killed a great many innocent United States Citizens. 

FDR's family wealth came from the opiate trade with China.  And he was from New York.  New York was a port trading city to the Confederate South.

Many of the problems that the United States faces today is because we trade on fair terms with those who do not believe in the American Constitution and end up going to war for them.  If we are going to War for your country or your people we would expect that you would believe in the rights of humanity as defined in the United States Constitution!  We do not expect to rescue one country faction from another time and time again only to expect the one we rescued to turn on the United States because they do not share the concepts of the United States Constitution.  FDR did not believe in the United States Constitution and nor did his family money!

And all my life I was a Democrat and never thought I would never be one.  Today I am for neither party!  Each appears to be just as bad as the other.  In terms of the Republicans what did Barrack say to them lately?  "Just do something."  He see's it to that they are the biggest outflow of Government welfare in United States History!  Representing the Financial Industry like FDR did they are actors like Reagan was who have bilked the Country of $17 trillion dollars!  We don't run up a tab like that if the Republican Party had really been responsible.  People don't get that problem.  Lets see if I can come up with an analogy.  If you never take the garbage out you will eventually end up living and sleeping in it like sloth; that $17 trillion in national debt is the garbage created by them!  Sooner or later we have to address it.  It isn't something that they can just wish away.  Nor is it something that they can allow to pile up so high that when the problems from it happen they blame it on everyone who was against it!  "No one get in my way while I willfully create more national debt and pretend to have my own mind?"  What we are experiencing today is not the norm of humanity; it is something far less.  Like a slithering, emotionless, cold choking beast.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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