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Friday, July 25, 2014

Countermeasures: Defining the Beast 07 25 2014

Countermeasures: Defining the Beast  07 25 2014

a. Even your ability and need to rest is a threat to the beasts among us!  That might be one of the best ways to define the beast among us; it can't stand it when a human being is resting and recuperating.

b. When human beings ability to read and write that they learned in the first grade is a threat to another person that other person (or people) can be defined as the beast.

c. The beast also loathes any recognition you receive for accomplishments and achievements.  The reason being is that the beast is so un-human that it believes you have some magic or help in creating things.  That isn't true but the beast doesn't even have the ability to know that!  That means that the beasts brain in comparison to yours is defective and yours is normal.

The beast is all these things and yet doesn't believe that there is anything wrong or abnormal about itself.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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