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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Pope has Excommunicated Organized Crime 07 27 2014

The Pope has Excommunicated Organized Crime 07 27 2014

According to my read of it one is free to banish, shun and shame them wherever one see's them based on this religious principle.  I pretty much do that wherever I go already!

It also means if a person is a family member of organized crime that they may not walk up to the Priest and receive Communion?  So expect to see Catholic Priests deny them communion at Mass and also parishioners piping up at mass to declare that members of Organized crime may not receive communion and must be denied, even if they are standing right in front of the Priest!

On a more in touch with the reality of humanity; it will just be interesting to see what happens.

And just for those who don't know why Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins it is meant to reform (etc.) those people of organized crime who have nothing to be proud of because they did not earn their money!  By definition members of organized crime do not earn their money; they steal it and hence they have nothing to be proud of!

This is in contrast to someone who works and toils all day to CREATE something, against all odds, in which I case in my humble opinion PRIDE is not a Sin!  In fact pride in that case is the reward for achievement in contrast to those who use alcohol and drugs as a false reward when they have achieved nothing!  Those who achieve never need false reward systems or drugs of escapism to deny the sense of achievement that can be thought of as pride.  Perhaps we need to separate things to concepts out a little bit and need a word for Pride from achievement of the Individual human effort and Pride as it is meant as a Seven Deadly Sin.  And to better understand this we need to delve into the concept of the origin of the word Pride.  Does it not come from a group of lions!  So being one of a pack or gang is indeed a Seven Deadly Sin known as PRIDE!  To throw normal human beings to a PRIDE of Lions is indeed a SEVEN DEADLY SIN!  Perhaps that is what it meant in the time of the Bible when it was declared a Seven Deadly Sin.  It does indeed fit into that context properly; in terms of time and events and word origin.  So what did they call pride in achievement back then?  And perhaps my vocabulary is lacking or the word for it has been expunged?  And perhaps Pride is declared a Seven Deadly Sin because the beast becomes jealous of you when you accomplish something and it is likely to want to kill you for being better as Cain did his brother Able!!!!  And that is the answer isn't it!  When you are proud of achievement as you should be allowed to be you have much to fear in terms of your life from those born mentally defective!!!!  So as long as they are around keep quiet about it!  But to keep quiet about it means that you are pushed drugs of escapism on you as a reward system and might be more susceptible to them?  They are going to know about your ability to accomplish and achieve and are going to push them on you anyway aren't they!!!  So it really is there, listed as a seven deadly sin to allow Human Beings to fly under the radar.  You have to remember that the wall of the Vatican is 80 feet high!  So it appears they know what the concept means too!

So to be like a Lion in a gang (Pride of Lions) is a Seven Deadly Sin.  That is how I understand it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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