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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I have never believed the autoimmune theory 07 29 2014

I have never believed in the autoimmune theory of the body attacking itself.  The body never attacks itself.
I have heard people who have arthritis swear by that theory and only later did I learn that they do have an illness that the body would attack such as lichenplanus or they grew up in a smoke filled house which is known to cause arthritis by restriction of blood flow.
I asked the doctor if there has ever been a documented case of cartilage growing back between bones.  He told me that there never was one!
But our cartilage does replenish itself.  If it did not than a man working on a jack hammer would not last a month doing it!
Cartilage is what is between the bones. 
So I asked a professional some questions regarding cartridge.  I asked him if there was a circulatory system to the cartilage.  He told me that there was but that it was limited.  And thought that the cartilage regenerated itself through synovial (Sp) fluid.
Many get H Pylori during middle age in the United States but we have a low rate of it in childhood.  It causes stomach ulcers by burrowing under the stomach lining to evade the acid.  We also know from Michael Douglas that it caused his throat cancer and is transmissible through oral sex.  So they obviously treated it.  As antibiotics are used successfully to treat ulcers. So how many who have oral cancer could have been treated with antibiotics and had it cured?  So antibiotics curing cancer; who knew.
But what of the beef and pork industries?  That meat doesn’t taste the same anymore it tastes like rancid spinach. So how many things in there today are being targeted by your immune system and therefore you don’t have an autoimmune disease or form of arthritis?  The key to the answer here is that antibiotics are giving to livestock at the expense of not being given to humans.  Those diseases likely already got there resistance to antibiotics from being in the livestock!
And of that H Pylori?  What good has all that international plane travel done us?  I am just waiting until they start saying E Boli (?) has hit the United States?  Are immigrants that come to the United States scanned for H Pylori?  Now Barrack our first black President won’t even send the illegal ones home and is building a $50 million hotel city for them.  Now I don’t really care if you want to help the poor who come here but it has to mean that you take from the rich who did not earn it; so be it!  In with only the good and out with only the bad!  Wasn’t one concern they brought in illness was there?  I ate a pizza from a Mexican restaurant once and got sick from it, now in my categorization of germs I would call it mono related or encephalitis germ like.  But it is only recently that college students are screened for it.  And what do they say about stuff like that?  That some people can have it all their lives and are okay with it?  Medical fraud.
So it costs very little to treat.
I heard a Doctor arguing on the radio that too many expensive tests that aren’t needed are done.  I have found just the opposite of that to be true.  Not enough are done and nor do they have the skill sets to interpret the results accurately.  This Doctor went on to complain that Doctors are only 1/5 of the costs of health care or something to that effect.  What is he really trying to do?  Eliminate those tests so he can receive more of the revenue. ( I can read the motive and intent of a white negro after he has spoken just 5 words J) So what is expensive about tests?  The fixed cost for the equipment?  If so they likely have a profit margin built into it.  But I can remember that a high school druggie ended up working as an x ray technician.  The ones who take the x ray will never interpret for you, never!
The lack of having to have tests made opens the doorway to medical fraud.  Why?  Because there is no fixed measure for the doctor to have to defend his opinion on in court of law.
The point here is that declaring something is an autoimmune disease opens the doors up to medical fraud!

When you are a white boy all white people look the same.  But as you get older you realize that there is a complete difference among us!  You notice some have eyes that are not quite right like it was a birth defect of fetal alcohol syndrome.  You see some are pale white and don’t tan and you can’t understand why.  You notice that the popular girls you liked in high school had mean little pig faces.  What am I getting at with this?  I don’t know, meanness with strong verbal ability from an undiagnosed birth defect?
When I think of young girls that just got their drivers license blowing smoke into my car from the car next door after my mother was being treated for blood clots in her lungs I know who it is that thinks of the chemical weapons; a man like that with a woman’s brain.
So how much smoke does it take to destroy the circulatory system to our cartridge?  Bone grows in response to stress (like weight lifting) but then why not cartridge?
So some pain diseases need more cartridge and some have too much like back pain caused by a bulging disc?  I once talked to a young woman who played softball.  She told me of how they took out the disk and fused the two vertebra(s) together.  Her upper body moved in one motion like she was in a full body cast as I talked to her; who wants to be like that. Often the treatment for a bulging disk is clipping a piece of it out.  But with all the diseases where you don’t have enough cartridge how does that ever make sense?
So what is really the cure for joint pain?  Whenever I get up to 214 pounds my joints ache and I lose the weight and they get better.  It is losing weight isn’t it!!! But they never want to tell you that because it is most people’s only source of happiness in our false idol television world.  That is how happy the television has made us?  Given us the addiction that we can only be happy by sitting and watching it and eating?  So why did we stay home?  Because whenever we went out in public the beast was there to insult and harass us?
So we learn how do do exercises to improve our health and illnesses like a bulging disk in the back but we forget to do them because a voice in our head doesn’t like us spending our time being healthy and distracts us from not only that and eating healthy foods?  The television and radio talk to us when there is no one around but no one accuses us as being mentally ill if we proclaim those are really people broadcasting and talking to us do they?  Remember there is no one around when we hear those voices is there!
But what happens when someone stocking the refrigerator fills it with food that is bad for us?  That temptation is hard to fight.  And when you argue with them you are challenging their prime source of happiness. I believe we should only be allowed to make our own ice cream and pastries?  I want to say put fat people in camps where they can’t eat or smoke or drink, but people would say I am like Hitler.  But if given the choice of having replacement joint surgery or not what would you really take?  And that doctor doing the joint surgery; he is only in it for the money.  And to limit the foods on grocery store shelves would be death to the one who made it into law.  Speaking of which I want to make a comment about a German owned grocery store selling groceries for cheap and also selling alcohol.  “They want to keep you in their kingdom don’t they!”  Fetal Alcohol syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western hemisphere.  And our hearts initially go out to those with birth defective children; lets provide them with everything they need.  And now they are saying that the social security disability fund will run out in 2016.   So it was underfunded and employers wrecked the lives of Americans and gave them disability.  In contrast to the rich who have children born with mental retardation from alcohol and receive $80,000.oo a year to take care of them?  They are classified as disabled aren’t they when the truth is that they never had ability in the first place!!!  So there needs to be that distinction in terminology if not a complete redistribution of wealth!
So what is the mechanism of cartridge replacing itself?  From what I understand not a good circulatory system and synovial fluid.  But synovial fluid isn’t magnetized to the cartilage to rebuild it so how does it happen?  I don’t believe our medical industry really cares!  In fact I believe they cause as much illness as they can to get you in the door of that place.  Have you ever worked at a company and learned how they scam the consumer?  I have worked at a great many and learned how.  So why do we assume the medical industry is deserving of credit?  And who are they surveying that states we have the greatest medical care in the world?  Certainly not me!
I might ask does H Pylori or for that matter streptococcus from the mouth, dental plaque bacteria, also eat away at cartilage?  Sure it does!  Does our high sugar corporate profit diet feed those bacteria?  Of course they do.  So we put the fat and sick in the camps and then we have the medical industry professionals sweeping the floor and cooking the meals and doing the laundry.  Now that would solve many of our problems?
So disability runs out in 2016?  What happens then?  What are you going to say to the American Worker who supported this country and became disabled in the process?  I know already.  You are going to leave the Down’s Syndrome people in charge of them as if they are sheep in their kingdom.
And what is the first thing they tell you when you complain about pain?  Take a brand name acetaminophen (w sp). How many wrongful deaths does that cause year you scratch your head?  It is the same as telling you to go home and shut up and don’t ask for your money back.  Great for the liver?  But they have the 900,000 missing persons a year to get you a new one and launder it?  And they also make money from gallbladder surgery.

And with regard to autoimmune theory what did that man (Robert Gallo) mean when he flippantly bragged the aids virus has been around an awful lot longer than that?    I was an Associate Analyst in Equity Research in specialty chemicals and I know how to ask questions and what people imply by how they answer them.  In fact I was told not to be so intense because we need those people I was asking questions of??? or something like that.  Now I am going to end up with a little Hitler here.  I Read that he believed the stock market in Germany was being controlled and manipulated by a faction of something.  Well don't we know that is true in the United States today?  At least I do from personal experience (and so does Occupy Wall Street)

 Link to that aids guy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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