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Sunday, July 27, 2014

I think Barrack Obama needs to be tested for THC 07 27 2014

I think Barrack Obama needs to be tested for THC  07 27 2014

I just caught a glimpse of Hillary Clinton being interviewed on CNN.  They showed a profile of Barrack Obama.  The corner of his eye was bloodshot consistent with a pot user.  Also the profile of that eye looked like he was sleepy/high too!

If United States Citizens have been subjected to drug tests then the standard must also be upheld by the President of the United States!

He has the authority to squelch States enacting legalized narcotics but he hasn't so it further supports my theory of why he became President out of the slums of organized crime Chicago.

Pot actually grows like a weed so in theory it could be grown on the side of every highway like it does and it would be completely free!  The point is that it should be illegal to take.  Just the other day I heard a loud bang as a young man drove into both a pebble stone light pole and a tree of about 4" in diameter.  I don't know if he was high on pot and I am not accusing him of being high on pot but those are the kinds of accidents that happen when people are.

At some point we also need to weight what Product Liability with regard to alcohol means?  Should we accept even one drunken driver killing an innocent human being from the use of the product?  It puts the rights of the drug user and drug seller over that of the normal human being playing by the rules!  And that isn't fair!

Is the only race that plays by the rules and believes in them the one that has 108 different genes?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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