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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Doctor disclosures to patients 07 16 2014

Doctor disclosures to patients 07 16 2014

The sycophant media has a field day with this one and misses the point entirely. (sycophant means bu77 kisser or suck up, for those of you who are vocabulary challenged.)

The reason the old law required the Doctor to tell the patient everything was to keep Doctors who did not meet the standard of the Profession from being in the Profession!  The sycophant media wants you to believe that the doctor knows best what to tell you and what not to tell you when the truth is, WHEN THE DOCTOR DOESN'T TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEEDED TO KNOW IT IS BECAUSE THE DOCTOR WAS NEGLIGENT AND DIDN'T KNOW TO TELL YOU; and therefore they have no right to be in the health care industry entirely!
The layered lie is that, The sycophant media actually wants you to believe the doctor knew all the detailed information and didn't tell you!!!  They don't want you to be able to come to the conclusion of negligence! So the layer of the lie is that the Doctor just didn't tell you because they thought it wasn't in your best interest to know the facts about your illness at that time.  That equates to genocide by the health care industry.

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Coumadin or Warfarin is the same as rat poison.  It kills rats by causing internal bleeding and heals those with blood clots by thinning the blood.  But they don't know how you got the blood clots in the first place?  Could it indeed be that you were poisoned with a blood thinner that caused lung hemorrhaging and the oxygen function of the lungs clotting the hemorrhages?  Nice little trick it would be by the evil to poison you and the remedy to the antidote is more of the same poison????  that is exactly how I read it!  So if I have established a modus operand in the health care industry what other functions or medicines in the health care industry does it translate to?  What other forms does this poison and remedy as more of the poison take?

And what else happens when you take a blood thinner for too long?  Can it cause osteoporosis?  Or maybe I should phrase the question this way, can being on a rat poison for too long cause depletion of bone density?  Can a blood thinner that is a rat poison dissolve your bone structure or help to dissolve it?  Well just by the fact that it increases blood circulation and transportation it can.  Now if you read the literature on it, it states that it really isn't a blood thinner by method of action even though any health care person you talk to or prescribes it will call it a blood thinner.  And everyone calls it that.  So here again we see a bunkered layer of what might be termed science trying to obfuscate issues of medical fraud with gobbledygook.    And after you are on that rat poison for too long then the next drug they will give you at the hospice is the derivative from the Franklin Delano Roosevelt family wealth; morphine.  And a hospice is a place that you go where they know you are going to die and want you to do so under supervision and earn a high fee for it.  Most college graduates would attempt to argue with me to the contrary on these issues; who do you believe?

Do you know that someone who has been labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud doesn't have any credibility for anything that they say to any doctor?  For example if you told them that you vomited up blood while on the medicine they prescribed they would tell you that is a delusion and didn't happen and that you need to take a higher dose of psychiatric medicine.  The way we right the world is to never allow those who have the defective serotonin regulation gene from being in the health care industry; much less the mental health industry.  Now here is the problem if only those who have the defective serotonin regulation gene are in the health care industry then we can never enforce our rights against them.  Why?  Because they would control the knowledge and academia.  Hence we would never be able to prove they had the defective serotonin gene, require them to be tested for it as a prerequisite to employment.  Do you know what that is exactly like?  A tyrant ( King or Queen in Monarchy) not wanting his populace to know how to read so that he can control them per his evil will!

Now they will put your elderly parents on blood thinners for the rest of their lives.  And do you know what it smells like when someone is bleeding internally?  I am the only one who is going to tell you this so listen up.  It smells like a dead mouse rotting in a trap.  But when you mention that to a health care worker they will claim no knowledge of it.  And also they will bring up your history of mental illness if you have one as a veiled threat!  It should never be discussed with a doctor such as a urologist or eye doctor.  But if you ask to many questions they will bring it up that you have that illness as some point in your life!  How would they like it if we turned the world around to be just the other way?  Such as "You inbred freak what are you doing in my country?" whenever you saw one?  Don't you know you don't belong here and are not compatible with living under our Constitution?  Haven't you been repeatedly warned throughout history?

Driving the snake oil salesmen out of town was a valid function in American history!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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