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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Children that are falsely praised come to believe as adults: 07 29 2014

Children that are falsely praised come to believe as adults:

1.        The delusion of themselves as superior.

2.       That they are responsible for all achievement and accomplishment in the world.

3.       That because of this they should be granted rights that are not allowed to others (defined as normal.)

4.       Because they believe they are the source of all achievement they also believe that they have the divine right to determine who does not receive adequate medical care and dies?

Because they believe in delusions it means that they believe in lies.  Break any of these lies so that they cannot deny it and it is deadly to them!

We have both a duty to the nation and to the world to expose the feeble minded for whatever actions they take, fail to take and for every word that they utter in incomprehension.


And here is the reason they are falsely praised.  "If they were not falsely praised they would have never lived through childhood!"

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And is that not what Common Core was all about?  Falsely praising the children that weren't going to make it (because of mental defect) with the lack of education standards?  And what is the secret agenda behind common core?  To give the children with the defective minds from fetal alcohol spectrum type disorder (or other) a head start by demonizing a human soul for their benefit?  If they can't listen maybe they like to listen to the pain of a human being as they are tortured for their soul and labeled schizophrenic in medical fraud?  That common core is that they all have the same stolen soul?  And I did read somewhere that many children have cheated on tests nation wide and the results are quite similar???  For all we know the common core children are smarter?  But they cannot impart that knowledge to younger generations because it is not first person knowledge.  It is like a bone of a victim that they are familiar with and will carry around with them for a while before they just toss it to the side and degrade to whatever behavior a child that cannot learn does as an adult; cannibalism and genocide of the normal?  They had waves of cannibalism in Europe and post WWI and WWII the demographics in the United States has changed considerably!  Also irresponsible drinking that leads to genetically defective children goes on unabated.  What is consistent with my belief that these people are bad?  A drunk driver is a person who is willfully in a mentally retarded state and they commit the act of murder with a car and are never punished for it.  But a philosophical question might be, when a man or woman drinks and becomes drunk who are they then at a Common Core with?  The only thing I can think of is a monkey in a zoo!

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