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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gun Control Self Inflicted Deaths by Gun and Gun Accidents 07 02 2014

Gun Control Self Inflicted Deaths by Gun and Gun Accidents 07 02 2014

Those early times muskets were far more dangerous to the user than today’s modern guns.  Stuffing that power down the muzzle and ramming in with the rod and it blowing up in your face was the risk!
As I read the liberal argument that people shoot themselves with their guns so they shouldn’t have them I am very puzzled!  These modern guns are far safer than when the second amendment was written that guaranties every single one of us the right to have one when we are old enough.  Maybe some people never reach that maturity today but that isn’t the norms problem or at least it should not be.  That issue can only be conquered by addressing the cause of that immaturity and is a little bit off topic here.
In this article I am comparing how dangerous those guns were at that time to a driving issue of those who don’t like guns being that their family members are likely to point one at themselves and pull the trigger.  What would the founding fathers say if someone intentionally shot themselves?
They would apply the doctrine used in police service.  That person was a danger to themselves so they were also a great danger to you!  Hence amen they shot themselves and not you too!  Amen they took their own life and not yours.  Now I know you can’t stand that idea and what it implies, so maybe you should not be allowed to vote if your desire is to change that which cannot be changed the Constitution!  And to be very honest the Federal structure has already interpreted the Constitution to be the antithesis of what it means and that is a great source of many of the nations problems!
What is the point?  If some nut intentionally took their own life with a musket would everyone back then think about it?  We should have prevented him from having a gun?  They would also say, to bad he didn’t have a better father!  And there it is, isn’t it!  He should have had a better father!  So much for your pro life agenda!  It doesn’t fit with the he should have had a better father principle does it!
When we see young men and women commit suicide isn’t that what you think?  He should have had a better father?  So the implication of what is needed is really something called “Father control?”  Now what would father control mean?  Some men should not have children?  I don’t believe any man that drinks alcohol should ever have a child!  It is Saturday afternoon and that father is drinking a beer rather than playing catch with his son?  He yells at his son, get me a beer?  He sits in front of the television miserable that he isn’t a professional sports player?  Then he rationalizes that he is just as good as them and uses it as a leveling mechanism to throw his bamboozling “High Proof” opinions unto everyone around him.  And then you turn on the television and they have a whole cast of the insufferable to cater just to him don’t they!  Not only is he not a professional sports player but he should not be allowed to believe that is a viable career!  And that is a problem, he has been taught to believe that is a viable career!  By whom?  A wife who doesn’t want a man who is smarter than she is!  A wife who has penis envy and wants a man to be only that as if he is a material item!  Aha!  She has objectified men hasn’t she!  So I am flushing it out here aren’t I!  And what happens when the objectified man compares himself to other men?  He is a danger to himself and others isn’t he!  I don’t believe as a man that I have ever read an article about the objectified man in our society!  But do you ever turn on the television and it seems like they have type cast a certain type of man for political commentary.  What do they all have in common that most people won’t recognize.  They are nervous as if they are not one of us and don’t want everyone to know!
Now the other day I was watching a video of a man from WWII who stated that he watched Hitler escape by plane.  And what did he say?  That he was a pow and that the Germans would walk away when BBC radio was turned on!  That is exactly what I do when the television is turned on today!  So I don’t like to make the comparison of myself to a Nazi.  But I have that in common with them!  I can’t stand to watch that television, because of the false example of males objectified to be something they are not!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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