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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Italians and Private Religious Schools 07 03 2014

Italians and Private Religious Schools 07 03 2014

If Italians hadn’t had their own private religious schools in the United States everyone would have figured out that they could not learn anything on their own and they would not have been involved in the waste created by Corporate America or allowed to establish organized crime.
And if you have ever gone to school with them you know that you learn manners in Catholic School and Church but for some reason they do not!  As if it is their business?  Have you ever gone to school with a child who believes that his father a wealthy contributor to the private school actually owns the school!  So they contribute from organized crime and profits created from what amounts to Corporate waste and their children get the easy life!  The clerk that bags groceries at the store and will own a house on the expensive Lake Drive?
And New York was dominated by Italians and they have the lowest test scores in New York.  So the answer we are to accept as Americans is that we need a new teaching method?  Teaching isn’t that hard!  The child has to be able to sit still, listen and respect the teacher and the other students!  There should be absolutely no private schools in the United States!
And I have always thought this way about them my entire life and that did not come from my parents it came from my experiences with them!
So if they hire illegal immigrants to do the labor they should be doing then they get to live in neighborhoods where they don’t belong?  No one wants to look at the punk who glares at the customers;… because he believes he is the strong one to protect the tribal emotions latent there?
And we all know how children were abused in those schools; so that which isn’t one of us can sit back and have an easy life by not having to do their own thinking!  And after a while they blame the people that can; hence the true nature of modern religion!

And I can tell you what kind of behavior problem that kid has already!  He is the one who gets up in the middle of class and causes a distraction from learning and then they want to put him in a quiet locked room so the rest can learn.  But they can't do that because his single mother is connected or rather pleases those who are after a night at the Tavern?  Another thing that they had to have when they came to this country; alcohol.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And I could add a few other nationalities to this to be fair.  And then the point would be that we need segregation by those who have their own mind and those who never will; sponge might be the word for it!

And the next thing that happens is the woman on the blog who never had a father meaningfully talk to her will accuse me of having a mental problem I need to take medicine for!  Don't ever project your sentiments that I have about you back onto me as emotional weakness.  If you had had a father who cared for you you would understand this.

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