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Monday, July 14, 2014

How Come the Women Don’t know any better 07 14 2014

How Come the Women Don’t know any better 07 14 2014
Subtitled “Son’s don’t come from the wombs of men.”
Last night on PBS television I watched a nature documentary on migrating birds.  It showed one scene in India were pigeons were competing with rats for food!  The Indians worship the rat because they believe it is a reincarnated ancestor of theirs.  The documentary showed rats squirming around the floor of a open public temple and being fed milk in bowels and small bits of condensed feed.  Immediately I turned and looked at a family member and asked, “How come the women don’t know any better?”
Then I started to think?  How many apartments in the United States are rat infested because India Indians took residence there and failed to kill the rats because a sense of ancestral commonality to them?
I stated a long time ago that all vacant properties that are blights to the neighborhood should be torn down.  As I thought about the rat infestation problem I believed the entirety of New York should be burnt to the ground!  I thought that!
Then I started to think about the India Indian Sikh religious belief in the goal of all becoming one with a higher mind and how that really equates to communism and that communism the greatest enemy of the United States and freedom was founded by Jews?  Then I started to think about India Indians in the news recently.  There was one who embezzled over $10 million dollars from a Milwaukee Corporation!  After that money was embezzled we saw an India Indian temple built and there was trouble there.  Then there was another India Indian who fudged the results of over 10,000 autopsy reports!!!  And that came into controversy that police reports based on autopsies cannot really be trusted in a court of law because of that fraud!  So why do you fudge autopsies?  The only reason being is that you are part of organized crime!    But when I look at those two instances of India Indians in the news I have to wonder if that is part of an invasion force into the United States!  And that invasion force has already been here!  They are just playing their part in it!  The criminal minded cannot think for themselves they use a host as a template for their thinking and to raise their children on.  It is a direct contradiction to the United States Constitution and every human right that was ever stated.
And when I started to think of just those two crimes alone I wondered how many India Indian convenience stores peddle drugs out of them?
Then with the prevalence of public rats roaming free in India I really have to question whether food or any goods at all should be imported from India into the United State!  If a mouse traveled across the floor of a Native Americans tepee they would burn everything in it to prevent them from dying of the hanta virus!  Do the India Indians have an antibody to the hantavirus?  I don’t want that antibody because I don’t want those rats in my neighborhood!  Rats carry all manner of viruses and diseases.  How come the women (India Indian) don’t know any better?  Has that antibody, if they have it, created a genetic mutation in them with regard to the human soul not being able to form correctly and hence they need to make a connection to the mind of a human being?  Science would never tell us if they knew, nor would they ever responsibly seek such an inquiry!
But when you look at the India Indians…well I always believed they were not big drinkers so that would mean they would not be likely to have the subtle defect from fetal alcohol syndrome.  So where does the mental defect come from?  If woman are transferred as part of a dowry in marriage it means that woman was not loved she was objectified from the very beginning.  Hence her children will not be raised to be loving children because their mother was objectified!  And a mother objectified will always have a wandering heart that searches for a true husband or father because she was traded like cattle!  So that is indeed the source of the religion that seeks for them to all be part of a higher mind!  All that higher mind really is is that of a human being who was born drug free to two human beings that loved each other!  And hence human beings are victimized and made mentally ill to the will of the criminal minded wanting to believe they are ones too?   With the predominance of rats in the Indian population as evidenced by that nature documentary I also wonder if their DNA doesn’t have a viral strain from the rat present in it from their proximity and living among them? Now there is a connection between them and the Romany is some way but I forgot what it is.  And what the Romany connection is to the Romans I don’t know if there even is one.  But we got the horror of Christianity from the Romans!  Perhaps the best place for people like that is their country of origin and not the United States.  So what do we do about them when their country of origin doesn’t want them back?  Well then we would have to leave the United States and found a new country based on our Constitution as it is meant to be interpreted.  Why should the free have to leave the land of the free?
“How come the women don’t know any better?”
We have never seen any psychological study of the purely objectified woman in history!  However we sure have documented the horrors of history!  And son’s do not come from the wombs of men!  That would make an even better subtitle, “Son’s don’t come from the wombs of men!”

Thomas Paul Murphy
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