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Saturday, July 5, 2014

A soldier being restricted from what he saw or participated in, in the military, violates his constitutional rights! 07 05 2014

A soldier being restricted from what he saw or participated in, in the military, violates his constitutional rights!

Why?  Because holding all that inside is likely to make him mentally ill!  Why?
Because he cannot bear witness for his own conscience!
The reality is that if he feels that he needs to make something publicly known he should do so in order to preserve his own Constitutional Rights!  Also he should be REQUIRED to make public any orders that he was given that he felt were illegal!
And to say that he cannot say what went on is a direct violation and corruption of the Constitutional Provision of the United States not to have an army in times of peace!
It is also one of the most fictitious violations of his Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech! 
The actual point is that him being forced to remain silent is the GREATEST threat to our National Security that there ever was!  There is no GREATER threat to our national security than that!

It is also direct evidence that a Confederacy has been formed, and that is also a Constitutional Violation!  I could think of a few more but I have to roll up the garden hose after mowing the lawn and make dinner!

If you don't speak up you are the holocaust (means offering to God!)

I also have a lot to say about Freedom of Speech and Vladamir Putin restricting Profanity!  That and the fictional anti hate speech laws, again can lead to a holocaust of you, who should have said something to save your own life!

How many times is H311 in the Bible the most religions document ever?  15 per the Bible search below.  H311 was always considers a swear.  I don't feel that it is one by I still use h311 in its place.

The point being that a modern Bible might need to include swears in order to describe evil practices and the things that evil people said.  So when one swears in Russia is a reporter not to repeat what he said and expose the person for their use of profanity and therefore being vulgar and not deserving of a high paying salary or to be in the public eye!

So what does that amount to?  It is a king saying who can say what and what words are valid!  What does such a king fear most?  That he will be described as incompetent and lose power he didn't deserve to have?   The Kings religion, or tyranny, was the Greatest threat that the United States ever faced!  And we see it every Sunday in the United States with willfully distracting meaning to Biblical events and their interpretation!

I might like to ask Vladimir if he doesn't like swearing what he thinks of all the obscene porn that appears to be Russian Slavic based? 

How is one to describe in the future what one person was doing to another than they should never done in those videos without profanity?  So in effect Vladamir is hiding a Russian crime isn't he!

And my stance on profanity has always been that we are to not use it in order to develop our intellect.  I believe that I have a good intellect and I swore like a butcher when I was a child!  I don't see anything wrong with a teacher swearing at a kid!  I also see nothing wrong with using a racial slur to someone you know is looking for trouble with you in order to avert it and send them back into their shell!

And I don't believe it has any place in a magazine selling for $5.  Professionalism used to mean more than that!  People didn't used to earn an upper class salary for using profanity.  Now I remember some of my accounting professors used profanity and UW Milwaukee, but it was just to be emphatic.  Little good they did the world, they failed to prevent the mortgage crisis and a whole lot of other problems we face.  Nor did they ever find the moral certitude to create a better financial system in the United States!  We have $17 trillion in debt because of that weak and greedy will.  It amounts to buying an opinion on financial statements.   I also believe that no single story or other literary work should win a  writing contest or be awarded a prize in one!

And who is going to be the one to raise second generation Down's Syndrome people or want to be around them!  That is likely the reason there was a Great Wall's built in China and Italy.  Where the Romans really Magog that traveled West and then south to settle in Rome and then come back to concur Israel?  The Great Wall of China, not to far from Russia was said to be built to contain the Magog!

When you see those things going on in the world you should be very concerned about your freedom!

And maybe when Barrack started to talk about Gay marriage and also the impeachable offense of Gun Control, both of which are the impeachable offense of inciting civil unrest, someone should have stood up and yelled, "Get out of here N1993r" and then we could have focused on renewable clean energy policy.  When George Bush propagandized torture, a Constitutional violation of cruel and unusual punishment, someone should have stood up and said, "You belong on the receiving end of a firing squad white n1993r!"

Is Vladamir afraid of being called "White n1993r!"  The name Vlad has historical connotations of Vlad the Impaler who vamped blood, in the area of Romania?  Can anyone see why blood drinkers might need the one mind for all tenet of Communism?  Holy smokes the historical entry for Vampyr has been removed from wikipedia!  Wow!  You missed out on a lot of valid history there!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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