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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Government Power to mandate public service messages every 1/2 hour on ever television channel 07 15 2014

Government Power to mandate public service messages every 1/2 hour on ever television channel 07 15 2014

In this mornings Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Newspaper I started to read about a woman who wished she never smoked because her baby was born with  birth defects from it.  She was to be part of a commercial.  Our Government should not have to pay one red Lincoln cent to publish commercials like that on national television; commercials that are motivated to prevent people from consuming substances that cause birth defects!

I believe we used to have the ability to interject any television program with a public service message of national emergency!  I have never seen that done on cable television!  "This is a test!  It is only a test!"  Cable and pay per television has never been tested like that, to the best of my knowledge!

It was the medias responsibility to get that job done, with regard to preventing birth defects, but it seems they discuss everything but that which is good for us!!!

So we do indeed have to elbow commercial or even speaking air time away from the mouths of these people to broadcast that which is really important to a concept that is readily ignored as if it doesn't exist, humanity!  The denial of the existence of humanity and human needs is paramount to commercial television!

So we are going to have to interject into those television programs.  And when it happens here is something else that I want you to do!  I want you to bear the emotion of shame onto the person who had their air time taken away from them for 30 seconds while the message was broadcast.  The feeling of emotion you should project on them is something of this equivalent, "You shameful and spoiled person look at what we have to do because of you!"

Now I believe that any physical birth defect to the body also is accompanied by a brain defect!  Why?  It has to do with a translated principle of the properties of matter in terms of strength and the what can more easily be influenced by substances that cause birth defects during in the womb development.  The logic being if the substance has bent hard bones or deformed faces it has also compromised and caused birth defects to the complex and delicate structure of the human brain!

So if it has a physical birth defect it also likely has a brain defect!

So who is it that is talking to people in their minds and devising below general public threshold to do so?  1 in 33 children are born with birth defects.  That is 3 per every 100 children.  A birth defect to brain likely means that they will never have the ability for human reason or human conscience.  And that means each and more than one will find host to a human beings brain in order to preserve their parents pretentious social status?

Any person who is from a foreign nation that is reading this, you should know that this is the greatest threat to humanity and that your country could ever face!  An infiltration of the mentally defective living of the thoughts of a human being made to be mentally ill for their benefit!  You never want people like that to come into power in your country because everything will become less than the human standard!

Remember what Sunday was meant for?  The opportune time for these commercials would be during the half time discussions of National Football League games and other Professional Sports events.  Sunday was meant to worship a concept of God and Goodness not to worship the Goliath Ogre class.  You know; the ones who make all their money from the proceeds of alcohol sales and paid alcohol advertisements! Alcohol being the leading cause of birth defects in the Western Hemisphere.  And then these are the exact same people who squat down next to the very birth defective children they created for a promotional opportunity for a birth defect cause!!!!  It is unbelievable!  They have actually brainwashed the American public to believe they are good people and role models to society!  They have even brain washed their victims of birth defects to believe it would be a dream come true to meet them!  That can only be said to be the workings of Satan in our world!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And perhaps that giant-ism, or above average sized man in professional sports is a birth defect in itself that hasn't gone diagnosed!  So that makes the crime one level worse doesn't it!  Above average size and below average first person based knowledge and intelligence!  That makes those, whose salaries are earned from alcohol that causes birth defects,  a hero to all people with birth defects from alcohol!  You can't find a person worse than that in the entire world!  There is no worse type of person than that!

And there ought to be a psychological term used to describe the second freak created by the first freak waiting for its opportunity to be the powerful first freak in the cycle! To pay your dues by being a lifetime lower echelon freak until you can become a commander of freaks?  Those are not the sons of men!


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