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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The turning point in World History will be when George Bush is convicted and incarcerated 07 16 2014 updated

The turning point in World History will be when George Bush is convicted and incarcerated 07 16 2014

What is George Bush going to say in his defense?  "I believe in and advocated torture and yet my family money doesn't come from a bank transfer out of Nazi Germany's largest steel producer."

How dumb and complacent are American Jews?  Are there even any real Jews left?  Those who claim they are have no legitimate or meaningful comeuppance for the right causes!

And likewise what can Israel say for itself?  We actively practice torture but are in no way affiliated with Nazi's granted refuge in Great Britain until they could be established in Israel?

The master race was a voyeur race; hence the homosexuals that Hitler initially recruited were part of that defective serotonin regulation gene of the voyeur race. Hence  Barrack Obama's Gay Marriage initiative is a Nazi Germany initiative.

And what people fail to point out when you try and compare the leadership of Nazi Germany versus Russia versus Great Britain versus Rome is that they were ALL screwed up in the heads!  Including FDR and his Lesbian wife!  We often think well Russia was the better than Nazi Germany, no!  They were all screwed up!  And you can't compare them at all to the United States and our Constitution; there WAS no comparison!

Everyone who hears voices in their head today is a victim of Nazi Germany and the voyeur master race!  Nazi Germany is the driving force in every aspect of United States corporate management; that biting meanness!  George Bush's no child left behind, the ones that are mentally defective; that is your master voyeur race!  They can only live through voyeurism because they have defective hippocampus's!  The hippo campus is responsible for memory and learning; it is greatly harmed via alcohol when women drink while pregnant and men do before conception of the child.  If alcohol did not enter the testicles and sperm your testicles would not hurt when you drank too much; so yes the man is at fault and responsible too!  But he fly's the coup during the day either to a management job where he can be himself biting mean or in the case of a black man back down south?  Anyplace during the day where he doens't have to raise that son!  And not only that the drinker loves to create brainless bastard sons as if they comprise the elite; and they do!

I will keep on typing like this for as many years or decades as it takes and I am alive!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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