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Friday, July 18, 2014

Forcing women who smoke and drink to have abortions 07 18 2014

Forcing women who smoke and drink to have abortions 07 18 2014

I see absolutely nothing wrong with forcing a woman who engaged in activities that create birth defects to have an abortion!  There could be no greater hatred of humanity than a woman who would seek to have a child with birth defects!  Only a monster of a person would want to create a child like that!

And perhaps a woman that refuses to desist from activities that cause birth defects should get the death penalty is she smoke and drank and had a baby born with birth defects!  If that had happened we would have never had the horror of monotheism established in the world, the lower intelligence we do today and all the pollution that threatens human extinction.

Her being allowed to have a child like that violates your rights because they will require a greater share of national resources in a great many ways!  That is taxation of humanity without representation for humanity.  The rights of the normal should never be victimized by those who cannot think for themselves; the United States was created to be the exact opposite of that!

Who does she think she is kidding?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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