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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Laundering of money from missing persons (through interest too) 07 30 2014

The Laundering of money from missing persons (through interest too) 07 30 2014

How much money of missing persons is laundered in our Country today?

That money includes awards from class actions lawsuits and the interest and management fees earned on it doesn't it?  They can't find someone to distribute it to so they earn interest and management fees on it?

What about people who die and a rightful relative is not found?  Isn't money laundered on that through undue legal fees?

What about Estate sales?

This is all part of a vulture economy isn't it?

And perhaps the point being is that how many people would not be rich if it weren't for missing persons?  Do you see the motive developing here?

Office buildings like that going up in the United States everywhere are one of the exact reasons we declared our Independence from the King of England, and the start of the Revolutionary War!

And what did we have in the mortgage crisis?  Missing homes being used as collateral?

How about Wars in times of peace?  Missing United States brave soldiers tortured for information as George Bush validated, and seeding the satanic minds of the Chinese Industry?  His father was a diplomat to that country!  We do not owe them one red Lincoln cent!  Do we have communist minded in the United States that don't belong here?  At the highest levels of our Government we do!  Yes!  Joe McCarthy knew it too and if it were not for his drinking problem he could have articulated it better. Common Core standards are indeed Communism!

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