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Saturday, July 5, 2014

If you don't speak up you are the holocaust 07 05 2014 Updated

If you don't speak up you are the holocaust 07 05 2014

And holocaust means, "offering to God."

And what is true from the Bible?  The offering to the God, or the holocaust, was the same as the God!  The offering was the God! 

And I wanted to make a point somewhere about why people are sleep deprived and therefore driven to be mentally ill? But the answer is with a question.  Why did the Black people of the Wicca religion poison with someone with the nerve toxin from the puffer fish, bury them alive when they looked to be dead and dig them up?  Why did the Rabbi create a Golem?  Those to have the same gene halo-type and Adolph Hitler had it too!  Why does a Harvest Witch of the Wicca religion make herself available for any and all to mount?  Does she serve as the dream catcher?  Does she direct that energy outward?  The Puritans hung such people and so that was the Puritan religion that loathed England and came to the United States for religious freedom!

And the Haitian religion was Vondoon!  And Napoleon of France vowed to kill every single black person and he was Adolph Hitlers idol!

So how do us who hear voices in our heads fit into this?  When we are denied to express our beliefs in our self and speak freely we are the holocaust!  The offering and the God in one!  A true supernatural God would need no offering because he could wave his hand and correct everything that was wrong.  Hence we learn the real nature of God is not a supernatural being!

Am I a racist?  No!  People of all colors and religion have suffered from hearing voices in their heads from the evil of this world!  So I am indeed revealing the most horrific form of racism that is hidden in the guise of religion!

And what else is true through corollary?  If they don't want you to speak you are the God! Which means you have the dirt on them that could destroy them; just by expressing your Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech!

And if you hate someone so much why not just kill them?  Why make an oxygen deprived zomby of them to walk the earth?  It has to do with the fact that you are dependent minded to their consciousness and you know that if you kill them that goes to what my father called, "A better place" to describe those who died at funerals!  You don't want them to go to a better place because you are dependent minded to their soul and in effect your God!

But what is the self incriminating logic?  That those who are dependent minded to you live a life of h311 or they would not want to put you there too!  So your best revenge is to live and breath!  It keeps them in h311!  You don't belong in h311 because you weren't born into it!  And the very last thing you want to happen is to end up where those who speak to you are already!!!!  Because obviously they can't get out!  "There is a wide chasm between them and us that can never be crossed."

I also believe that some that they put up on the cross they let down alive after they had had a stroke in the sun!  To go and live in a leopard colony with others whose flesh was peeling off!

Now I am going to draw two more corollaries.  The Druids of England a Roman foundation worshiped the monkey.  The druids would take a man out in the woods and stab him in the chest and look into his eyes to divine the future and what they called his gods.  The Africans also had the practice of tying a monkey up in the hot sun.  They would let it go and follow it to find out where its hidden source of water was!  The one who teaches them was their victim, or rather they learned from victimization and sacrifice.  And what did Catholic priests of the Roman Religion do?  They sexually victimized children in the United States the land of the free and also in Ireland too!

Now some who fled Israel went to Spain.  The Irish are said to all 98% have the Spanish gene.  And the Irish are believed to come from the basque region of Spain.  So the fled Israel when it was invaded by Rome and also Saul from the Orient!  Why did they not travel east?  Because they knew better!  The great wall of China was built to contain the magog!  Where the Romans really magog that traveled west and then south to Rome and then back to concur Israel?  Italians are often short in stature and have that Down's Syndrome look to their eyes! What the Republican Party says they are fighting for the rights of, those with Down's Syndrome!  It has to be caused by alcohol just as fetal alcohol syndrome is!  They are both genetic abnormalities and that is what alcohol causes!  So Israel and Judah were separate countries.  There were no wine presses in Israel they were in Judah!  And when Rome invaded Israel they went running and screaming in tears from their homes.  Let me ask you how you would respond if an army of Downs Syndrome people invaded your homeland?

If you don't speak up you are the holocaust.

And what conclusion does the current state of the educational system and the standards not being met in the United States lead to?  If you also remember that the Republican Party believes in fighting for the rights of those with Down's Syndrome.  And you realize that second generation, if possible Downs Syndrome people could not raise their own children and would likely have to resort to violence and cannibalism on their own, as is what has happened in Europe over the course of history....then you come to the conclusion that the purpose of the education is to raise the children of those who cannot raise them themselves!  And because they are not learning it really amounts to day care until they are old enough to play make a wreck out of professions; while someone else raises their children for them in daycare school.  The point being is that those who do not have legitimate academic degrees with first person knowledge should not make it to be successful in this country!  There influence in governance/politics is only going to lead to the extinction of all of us!

Whoa anyone catch that?  What used to be and should be termed Governance is instead given the term politics!  It implies a lesser standard of responsibility to the service doesn't it?  "Why didn't you do that?  Why didn't you proactively prevent that from happening?"  "Because it was my political opinion as your elected official that nothing needed to be done and my constituents supported that idea!"  The supplanting of the term politics subverted the responsibility implied in the term Governance!

Instead of Governance for the People by the people it equates today through the behavior and expression of someone like George Bush to mean sycophant to his constituent base.  What are they doing here?

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 07 05 2014 at:
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Aha!  The harvest witch mounts everything it sight because the Druid Religion precursor or concurs-er to the Wicca religion worships the monkey!  And that is exactly how monkey's in tree's behave!  They mount all members of the tribe no matter what age or sex!  So we get this from England that was a founded by Rome, and England was the greatest threat our Democracy has ever faced.  There has to be something genetically different about them!  And it would be in the United States best interest if we conquered that country and brought our laws and Constitution to it and a new form of business!  As well as a religion that promotes the belief in oneself like the Puritans had!  In fact we are going to need to conquer the entire world and graft those ideals on them otherwise once freedom goes down the tubes in the United States the human race will soon become extinct!  You have to realize that after the death of Jesus Christ the dark ages followed.  Now what would the dark ages be in a world with polluted air and water and nuclear weapons and a new class of children who can't learn to read that are worshiped!  And what was the blood type of all those serial killers that also ate people?  Is there a certain genotype that they all shared in common?  You see that kind of responsible scientific analysis does the world good!

How come we don't have a publicly available genetic database of all the convicted criminals?

There is the database statistic.  Over 900,000 missing persons every year!  That genetic database of convicted criminals might indicate who is taking them?  If we had even logged the information of one of those criminals it might have shed light on the nature of the problem!  900,000 a year!  That makes the latest serial killer that was famous who killed 17 look like small potatoes!  900,000 a year means an organized faction of crime is involved doesn't it!  Are there genetic markers that can tell us if that criminal has ingested at any time someone else in their lifetimes?  If we find that they did this do we execute them?  It would be a crime against humanity so the world would be forced to!

Okay let me ask you this?  If that is 900,000 crimes of missing persons every year what are the odds that a person who hears voices in their head are telling the truth when they make claims about the devil?  I would state that the odds are 100 percent with 900,000 people missing a year!  How many serial killers does 900,000 add up to?  900,000/17= 52,941.  What does that statistic correlate to?  I want to say it equates to a number of priests!  But there is a better way to run those stats!  You mark where the victim is on a map and then you run a correlation test to all demographic data available.  It might come up with priests from a religion.  It might come up withe a certain nationality.  It might come up with,,,see here again we need that genetic database of criminals,  a certain genotype in proximity,,, 52,941 of the most horrific type serial killers are roaming the world?  That is a good reason we have the Constitutional right to keep and bare arms!  Actually we should be allowed to have enough to handle a whole army of 52,941 if need be!!!  Like I said how would you like it if an army of second generation Down's Syndrome people came pillaging through your neighborhood?  Speaking of which how many what are termed professional athletes can demonstrate that they have the equivalency of an 8th grade education?  And what about the second generation and later generations of that?  Can you see how that only goes downhill?   900,000 missing people every year?  Somebody or a group of people, all very similar, have been busy haven't they?  Are they representative of a certain immigrant group?  900,000 a year!  You know what?  It almost justifies shoot first rather than let them get close to you!  And they talk about trying to understand gun violence?  They completely and one would have to believe willfully and intentionally prevented the statistics that could finger the criminal from being known!
And what about the India Indian woman who fudged the results of 10,000 police autopsy reports?  And what else did someone once tell me?  That there are poachers and they need to poach to eat! (In Wisconsin)  So one might naturally ask if poachers are involved in missing persons cases too?  Would he rather kidnap a human to eat than slaughter a hog or cow he could get money for?  But I believe that there has to be a genetic marker that will ferret this criminal out!  And actually we need to form a database of all of those who have been accused of crimes or are initial suspects.  In fact we need a national genetic database!  And what are you afraid of, there being no more crime because you were caught and sent away?  That is the only legitimate reason you have for objecting!  The rest is just smoke and mirrors hiding that reason!  And don't we see that same construct a lot in the United States?  The real reasons or motives always being kept hidden!  In fact it is so much that way that when a politician concedes to getting lesser of his way he is actually giving the other side the EXACT thing that they wanted!  But he doesn't know it because the motives are never known!  We never know what they are going to do in public office because the media can not hold them to the accountable standard of public scrutiny!  I mean would you have voted for so and so in retrospect if you knew he was going to... like he did! No you wouldn't have!  So indeed that means that he was allowed to be elected without the proper qualification review!  So it is that easy for people who are networked to get ahead in the United States today?  And the same principle applies to those who are granted top salary jobs in corporations too, doesn't it!  And some of them are monsters that keep growing and can't be stopped!  Big tobacco!  It is a monster that keeps growing and can't be stopped! It doesn't matter that it causes birth defects!  We'll just appeal to those peoples (victims) needs in the next election the Republicans State. And that is what will lead to the fall of the greatest nation on earth! Appealing to the needs of the wealthy who are really victims by having birth defective children in the next election!  Aha and what about the serotonin regulation gene and its contribution effect to homosexuality?  Barrack is appealing to those voters already isn't he!  And the Republicans appealed to the Downs Syndrome (really all forms of mental retardation) too! What do they know sum certain?  That the people with all the money have freaks as children!  Those parents should not be allowed to share the burden of responsibility with the general taxpayer!  So what did George Bush really mean?  He meant no offspring left behind rather than no child left behind. Is the Rh- Negative blood type an indicator of cannibalism?  It has no antibody to the Rhesus Monkey therefore... you know somebody in this field of medicine knows what the exact answer is!  But I might ask if cannibalism cancels out the Rh+ antibody factor?  That would be my theory.  So can people be treated by giving them a vaccination to the Rhesus monkey and thereby establishing Rh+ blood?  The validity of my personal experience tells me something like that needs to happen!  Also there ought to be some statistician that can link all cases of birth defects, that can sum up every single cost related to alcohol and be the champion of banning it!  Not a one of you has the courage!  The cumulative drunk driving accidents since 1932,  the workplace injuries, the lack of education standards being met as an indication of a degree of fetal alcohol syndrome mental retardation, the many lives it has ruined, the violence it creates, I could go on and on but it should not be me it should be your elected officials in governance who are your true saviors!

Oh and on the homosexual issue, did anyone ever figure out that Lot's son's were raped and killed by an insurrection gang of homosexuals in the ancient village of Sodom?  You think that isn't a risk to society?  I guess not because you elected Barrack!

This will be an oh lets see.  Why wouldn't anyone want the public to know the cumulative deaths from lung cancer and smoking since 1932 to be known?  Lets see, who wouldn't want that to be known? In whose best interest would it be that that statistic not be known.  Oh let's see, how many lives could have been saved from that on the scale of justice?  Yep, there I said it and I know what it implies!

1.37 million deaths annually.  So if you straight line it back to 1932 you get a number of 112 million deaths!

The fact that a monster like that takes so many lives a year means that it is a Confederacy!  A Confederacy is illegal per the United States Constitution.  The President of the United States takes an oath to protect the Constitution!  If he does not protect the Constitution it is an impeachable offense!  And what this President doesn't realize that if the charges are serious enough he could go to jail and spend some time there if the next President doesn't pardon him!  Now wouldn't that have served to be the best example in American History if an impeached President was not pardoned and went to jail!  That would sober up governance very quickly!

Other Confederacies present are:
1. The Mortgage fraud of the banking industry (Federal Reserve System)
2. Big oil dominating our national energy and foreign policy and colluding to keep solar energy off the market.  Siding with big oil in a Confederacy.
3. The medical fraud of schizophrenia, the symptoms are real and horrific but it is the cause of it that makes it a medical fraud!  Siding with the medical industry in a Confederacy.
4. Deaths by pharmaceuticals every year! The monetary influence they have in our elections.
5. The collusion with England on Illegal search and seizures.
6. Defying the second amendment to the will of a constituency.
7. Siding with and giving marriage rights to those who have a serotonin gene regulation birth defect.  And suppressing the evidence that it is a genetic disorder!
8.  Siding with drug dealers and crime lords to legalize the narcotic marijuana.
9.  Allowing addictive gambling to crop up everywhere and siding with Native Americans.
10. Allowing Prostitution in Nevada.  Prostitution being a defacto form of slavery.  Siding with organized crime on the issue in a Confederacy.
11.  Siding with the alcohol and tavern league industry despite the number of drunk driving deaths, genetic birth defects, mental retardation and health care costs to the taxpayer.
12.  Creating a foreign policy that distracts from issues like the above that face the nation.
13. Siding with the illegal immigrants in a Confederacy to lessen the standard of living of legitimate United States citizens.
14. With 900,000 people missing every year what does that tell us about the authenticity of the Pro-Life agenda?  Again that makes it a Confederacy that the President has a duty to stop as he has to protect the United States Constitution or face impeachment and possible jail time! Barrack likely never thought it through to that conclusion!  The criminal mind never thinks it will be caught!  And when it does it never believes it was a bad person!
15. The whole business of professional sports appears to be a Confederacy too!
16.  Also the belief that a corporation is really an attempt to make the American public believe in fiction as legality and that makes it a Confederacy by Corporate managers and their family (tribal) beneficiaries.
17.  The music industry being dominated by organized crime (As per the revelation by the Reverend Al Sharpton) makes the music industry and television executives part of a confederacy!

We don't elect Presidents so that they can sit back and laugh at how beleaguered and angry the American Public becomes while they are in office!

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