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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The First Gun Control Laws 07 08 2014

The First Gun Control Laws 07 08 2014

Just look at what happened in history that might have led to their motivation!  And how everything about it violates the United States Constitution.

1. The Civil War to end Slavery ~ 1865
2. 1929 Stock Market crash profits funds FDR's election.
3.  End of Prohibition circa 1932
4.   Gun Control ~1933
5.  WWII!  And why would you have Gun Control while the Nation is at War at the same time?  Only if you wanted us to be conquered or something good about us to be conquered?

So why did they create gun control?

They never wanted to put up with.

1.  Those who said they can not drink!
2. Those who said that they can not enslave!
3. Those who said that they should not control the financial system.  And the opposite of that was the  motivation on the other side of the pond in WWII.

Any form of gun control is illegal per the Constitution!  In effect our Constitution was designed so that any form of gun control was prevented!

Speaking of which, there has not been a political candidate that represents what I believe in!  I won't vote in any more elections in the United States!  I am not represented here! I will not even bother to sign my own name in!

All this hoopla about voting rights is absolute absurdity!!  It is like the used car salesmen effect.  Both options are bad and there is no way of getting a good option from them, so if he makes it seem like one of the two are good or that it is the best comparison then he wins when you BUY into it (and vote).  I was raised to learn to never do anything that was bad for me, so I will not vote!  I have a college education!  You can't tell me that the candidates they are providing represent the best of the best!  It is like the movie industry where the wealthy man bought his daughter a role in a movie.  (Pia Isadora?)

And you know what the worst thing about it will be? When those who dominated our political system actually get their way!  It is like, you didn't want to take care of any of our problems so you will be the ones to inherit them!  They won't last long when that happens!  They will end up literally being dog eat dog!

Okay so the mob was sending guns to Cuba through Texas and bringing back drugs on the boat to Texas.  Jack Ruby was there to facilitate organized crime in Texas and President Kennedy was killed there  at the same time!  But the Bay of Pigs never really made any sense to me.  What about Communism was going on there?  Those boats coming into Cuba from Russia were there to protect the drug trade  coming into the United States from Cuba!  Hence Russia has its roots in the United States as Organized Crime!!!!!

One more point.  If you just watch the following video comparing the United States AR-15 that was issued to United States soldiers in Vietnam versus the AK-47 that the Communist had you realize that there should be a Qui Tam lawsuit about the AR-15 for many reasons!  And they would not let the United States soldiers fire on the communist coming down the trail from China using the rifle function!  I doubt that short barreled rifle would have had the effectiveness to make a long range rifle shot anyway.  But in Vietnam it was a jungle and therefore closer combat.  Look at the Damage the Ak-47 does versus the AR-15 in the video at close range!!  In fact the AR-15 is so bad that companies tried to make it comparable to the AK-47 with the AAC .300 blackout cartridge that has more to the same power as the AK-47.   For those of you who don't know anything about guns.  In the picture there on the right with the bullets.  It is the top part of the bullet that separates from the lower part and then leaves the gun.  It is the top part that is the projectile that hits the enemy!  The fourth one from the left is the 5.56 x 45 or Nato or .223, it is the bullet that comes out of the AR-15 rifle!  The bullet on the far right labeled 7.62 x39 is what the AK-47 uses.  In is substantially smaller in diameter and length!  American Communist gave us that smaller bullet and we didn't even know it?  All that is needed to convert the AR-15 to the higher caliber 300 blackout or 300 whisper is a barrel change to the AR-15!  The AR-15 in its current version should be mothballed!

The gal on the left has the AR-15 and the guy on the right has the Communist AK-47!  Just look at the size of the holes coming out the other side of the car!!!!  To send Americans to war with that is genocide!

And what about Vietnam?  And the pointy backs of their heads?  I believe that we searched for those in the World who thought like true Americans did and we found the Vietnamese!  I have a head shaped like that too!  We are trying to save that which was like us versus the round heads!  My Whitefish Bay High School Spanish teacher a Jewish woman named Mrs. Bernstein once fondled the back of my head and said, "I love the back of your head." So I wonder what it is about having that extra mass in the upper back of the head that makes the brain function better?  Also my College Tax professor a Mr.Kozub at UW Milwaukee was Vietnam veteran.  He would walk around the room with an arrow and tap in on the desks.  He said that he had a framed handgun from the Vietnam war in his office at school but that they only let him have it there if the firing pin was removed?  (I think they had hammers and not pins.)  But I believe he made the comment about my head too like it was that of a Vietnam person. The Irishman President Kennedy's head was shaped that way too and a Communist spy from Russia named Oswald blew the black of it off!  So what was in John F. Kennedy's New Frontier Plan  that Johnson put into his.  A lot of Provisions from Lyndon Johnson's Great Society plan that would have helped the United States tremendously were cancelled by the two presidents that came after him!

 Senator Joe McCarthy had stated that Communism had infiltrated all levels of the United States Government!  He was RIGHT!!!!!

And what do I think of when I think of Communism?  A black man told me that it means "one mind for all!"  That really means CREATING a schizophrenic!  Also when I think of Communism I think of that old western that starts off with a man in a grubby black beard chasing an American woman into a mud hut with a pussy willow like stick in order to rape her.  It amounts to a father having incest with his daughter via some principle of "I want to have her first?"  And that inbreeding is known to create a mentally defective person!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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