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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Smoking and Arthritis 07 09 2014

Smoking and Arthritis 07 09 2014

I just read in a tool manual that if you smoke it decreases the circulation to your outer extremities like hands and that if you use a percussive type tool it will cause arthritis if you smoke too!

Page 4 column 2 item number 2 in the following manual.

Now why is this relevant?  Any of you have friends in High School that wanted to be professional athletes but their parents smoked the house up like it was a chimney?  Later in life those children will develop arthritis as adults!  And it might even be stated that their behavior in High School towards their friends might have been negatively influenced by that cigarette smoke?  Also their athletic performance could have suffered for the same reason, decreased blood flow to the extremities?  So they were never going to make it?  And they took it out on you?
Now they are physically disabled but we were not the cause of that their own negligent parents were.

It is the home of the brave!  Not the home of those who were not brave enough to learn.  By the way it is those who were not brave enough to learn that are creating the voices in your head!

I believe the addictive substances of alcohol and tobacco need to be banned.

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