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Friday, July 25, 2014

How a Cab driver could afford to build a temple? 07 25 2014

How a Cab driver could afford to build a temple? 07 25 2014

If he is giving rides to those (defacto tribal members) who are giving him HEAVY tips from funds stolen by a Chief Financial Officer of local corporation?

That is a different type of money laundering isn't it!  A temple created with money from organized crime?  What should the remedy be?

How much dirty money is laundered through cab drivers?

This isn't what America is about and it should be considered an attack on America?

Our Government used to have the ability to determine so and so has that type of job and should not be earning the kind of money to do that type of activity.  That is how we could Dillenger.  But for some reason that ability has been defeated in the United States!  Those who want to conquer the United States always review how those who tried to in the past failed to conquer us and inflitrate those organizations.  They also needle away at our Constitution because that is what protected us.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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I believe that at some point we are going to have negate all foreign ownership of  United States assets because there is a conflict of interest because the countries that we are owned by do not believe in the United States Constitution.  And the concept might even apply to foreign immagrant ownership of United States assets because their personal condition conflicts with the United States Constitution; and therefore human rights and freedom.

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