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Friday, July 4, 2014

Gun Deaths versus drunking driving deaths 07 04 2014

Gun Deaths versus drunking driving deaths 07 04 2014

How come when there is a drunken driving death no proud OUTSPOKEN citizen doesn't stand up and say that the car manufacturer or the company that made the alcohol should be sued?

I can actually understand a basis for suing a company that markets an addictive substance without stating on the label that it might cause a drunken driving fatality!

The point is that it is dissassociative reasoning, which means lack of human reason, to state guns kill people and not the people who were holding the gun!  And what therefore is dissociative reasoning?  It is wishful thinking and delusion combined into one!  Isn't that how every spoiled brat whose success comes from a childhood of false praise without talent thinks? "I will just get up there and start talking and everyone will be convinced by me!"  And "If anyone dares question that they will be victimized!"  We have had enough of that!

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