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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Inner City Poor have NOTHING 07 25 2014

The Inner City Poor have NOTHING 07 25 2014

What a life a child there must have?  All they can do is sit in their lonely home and stew.  It leads to a nation that wishes to be a false idol?  A nation whose children believe in imaginary friends and force fit the lie of that into reality?  There is nowhere nice to go.  When they walk down the street they either fear a drug dealer or a bully or a grown up bully. 

They don't seem to value home maintenance and home ownership but rather another piece of aftermarket chrome plated plastic for their car.

And maybe there will be one pond somewhere where they can hope to fish for and catch that one Lucky fish in it that can't safely be eaten.

Little houses with rat holes on the foundation packed tightly together.  What fuels it, a drug economy?  The best thing that ever could happen for them is if alcohol was forbidden and it was a capital offense.

I know understand why professional sports has taken off like it does.  The idea of playing for a living never really made sense to me until I put myself in the shoes of the inner city poor.  Their only connection to nature and freedom is that baseball diamond?

All of those houses on the books of banks that have been foreclosed upon need to be torn down.  Three maple trees need to be planted on each vacant lot.

Now when I look at the United States as a whole I have to think just this, when I was a boy sometimes we as children were asked what we want to be when I grew up. That question is very presumptuous today, the real question should be, "Is that person ever going to grow up?"  Meaning becoming a mature and responsible adult.  The odds are very slim!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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The United States should no longer bill itself as the nation of the free because it isn't true anymore.  It should be billed as the nation were the mentally defective of the alcohol drug class get ahead.  These are alcohol drug culture and generation children.  So the reality is that we can not be both that which we are and the high standard of integrity we pretentiously claim to be.

And I know how that criminal mind works.  You do something nice to improve your home or neighborhood and the beast that is satan that we aren't allowed to believe in comes along when you aren't home and vandalizes it or spray paints it in order to claim ownership of it like an animal pees in the forest.  You overcome all those circumstances and your child is a straight A student with a future and that same beast kills it out of extreme jealousy and envy.  But we aren't allowed to say that the beast is dependent minded.  No the beast has rephrased that so that the person it is depencdent minded to is its victim in the mental illness medical fraud called schizophrenia.  It owns the minds of people because it doesn't have its own.  Therefore it victimizes them and takes every attempt to get them hooked on drugs and their human life ruined.  Now that is what I mean by alcohol drug culture children and adults.  It is not what they want to do when they grow up it is will they ever actually grow up to become a mature and responsible adult.  The answer is no!  No one in the United States needs one of these defective people leering at them in envy!

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