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Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Mentally Defective Cannot be Punished 07 31 2014

The Mentally Defective Cannot be Punished 07 31 2014

You look like a bad person doing the right thing and punishing them! (And I am talking about a stern talking to, showing disappointment, denial of privileges and even spanking.)

And they then cry foul that they are mentally defective or it is religious persecution to tell them that they can't do something!

Expressing your opinions of what constitutes bad behavior is not hate speech!

Nor should any form of it, including personal admonishment ever be considered a crime!  I believe we got that unconstitutional law from George Bush.  Every thing he did was wrong!

It is your moral imperative and Constitutional duty to express your opinion in what ever verbal or written form or language you chose as to what constitutes bad behavior!

And just because what you said hurts someones feelings doesn't mean you should not have said it!  Often those who are oppressed from speaking their opinions make the most positive changes in peoples lives when they do!  (And this imperative to speak your mind really only applies to those who hear voices in their heads and therefore they are known to be capable of independent thought.) That person never realized the pain of having to learn!  Won't listen to anything you tell them because it is painful for them to think!  That is the mind of a child that was never required to learn or a mentally defective person!

The dependent minded should never express their opinion.  Dependent mindedness is indeed an undiagnosed mental defect.  Why?  Because the dependent minded lambs won't express theirs out of fear and the dependent minded wolves therefore will and come to dominate!  The bad natured dependent minded express their opinions in order to dominate humanity.  The good ones never do for fear!  So it is just best that none of them express their opinions!  And what is so bad is that when they do freely express their opinions today there is no one to hold them accountable!  No one to shame them by pointing out how they put their foot in their mouths!  Like I said they are immune to punishment!

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