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Thursday, July 3, 2014

What good has radio done for us 07 03 2014

What good has radio done for us?
When we learn that the music industry was controlled by organized crime as the Reverend Al Sharpton revealed that means nothing played on the radio today is in the best interest of Americans or reflects true talent in the United States!  All profits from the music industry might be said to be from racketeering and should be forfeited!

We can listen to individual artists in public and band concerts!  We don't need some drug using freak on the radio preaching nonsense to us!  We don't need to hear all their spoiled and hollow opinions projected on the American public.

And none of the good artists ever break into any of the artistic fields today because of this same element!  Charities buying the paintings of gay sons who are part of the organized crime tribe that can't think for themselves or compete fairly among us!

At this point I believe that both the radio and television airways should go dead!

And what about the literature publishing companies?  What are the catch phrases?  New York Publishing!  Well what are the literary achievement levels in New York?  Very low!  So we have a great contradiction there!  New York which is said to be the best place to have your work published by can not even teach their children to read!  So therefore they should no longer be able to incorporate in the publishing business and lose their charters or rights to have corporate publishing offices there!  And sometimes we here California in terms of publishing, and it is because of all the Hispanic immigrants that we have the Spanish as a second language movement? So apparently they have no desire to teach that cheap labor how to read?  Are are those who cannot read English a threat to our democracy?  Yes! So companies should not be allowed to incorporate in the publishing business there either.  So we should include the entire country and it amounts to only those who can edit their own writing get to publish!  In other words we strategically remove elements of organized crime from the media business!  Amen to them!

And there are people making large salaries on television that could not even teach their children basic reading and math skills.  So why should they be on television.  I don;t buy the argument that I was so busy at the office that I couldn't raise my own children!  Any man who didn't want to raise his own children also did not earn his American dollars!  We are of a higher standard than him even though he is classified as elite!

From its start Radio was a reverse engineering invention by a fascist Nazi Italian! And the man whose work was reverse engineered died from a stroke due to the radio itself!  Who needs that element among us?

Has radio led to positive change in the United States?  No, it has promoted the lowest common denominator among us to success!  In fact t was criminally controlled!  And the Inventor of it bragged to his Pope that he had harnessed the power to play God!

And you are not going to like this next part.  All of the above is the exact same filth that we Declared our Independence from with the Delcaration of Indepence:

Happy Fourth of July 2014

Thomas Paul Murphy
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