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Friday, July 25, 2014

Countermeasure to being Angry at the Voices 07 25 2014

Countermeasure to being Angry at the Voices 07 25 2014

Anytime that you feel that you are ANGRY just remember the movie “To Kill a Mocking Bird.”

Did you also cry like I did when you saw the mocking bird gasping for breath as it was dying?  Even as it was dying all it could hold onto in life was its ability to mock.  That was all it could be!

Why it was so sad was the mocking bird wasn’t about itself it was about those who it mocked; that is all it was!  It had no self other than its ability to mock.  And you get a sense that it was really innocent and meant no harm!
Now that understanding is the basis of the Soteria society.  What follows below is the exact opposite, villification.  I believe that villification is appropriate when the behavior (making others hear voices and seeing out of their minds eye) is taught from mothers to their children.

So when you hear voices this might indeed be the countermeasure.  Just to realize that was what the mocking bird was.  But also the following would be an awfully powerful countermeasure, so I don’t know that I would use it but the countermeasure would be to use your mental voice to tell that voice that speaks to you, “You have so much to live for.”

And here is an even worse one,

“Listen to how she {how the mongoloid (connotations of mixed species)} radiates and projects her personal happiness onto human civilization.”


Thomas Paul Murphy

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