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Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Million Years Before Jesus Christ 07 12 2014

 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Down' Syndrome



Cerebral Palsy

What a Bully looks like




Mental Retardation


Klinefelter syndrome

Fragile X syndrome


Williams syndrome

congenital hypothyroidism




Ciliopathy client



X-linked_alpha_thalassemis mental retardation

I stopped right there because it was time to make breakfast.  But as you look at the pictures of all those faces one things should be very clear to you, those types of people make up the greater population today!  Can you see how they transitioned from childhood looking like that to how they do as adults!  It answers a lot of questions.  A lot of those faces also look like bullies faces.   The odds are 100% these (plus) are the people who are causing you to hear voices in your head!

That meanness a bully has comes from inherent jealousy and they will be that way throughout their entire lives!

And what do those faces look like to me?  A reversion to how human beings would have looked one million years before Jesus Christ!  Genetic disorders are caused by alcohol.  And those who have genetic disorders are highly likely to have a dependency on it later in life?  It was an army like this that defeated Prohibition.

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