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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Per the Ebers Papyrus the Egyptians had a ceremonial monkey 07 29 2014

Per the Ebers Papyrus the Egyptians had a ceremonial monkey.

It mentions sacred monkeys kept in the temple of Thebes.  If it is in the temple it is part of a ceremony.  Also we know from the Bible that Israel and Egypt were said to be one.  But that might be after the true Israelites fled from there. 

I can not find any history of what the ceremony that involved the monkey was.

But the gospel of Barnabas tells that the Jews were turned into hairy beasts in Egypt.

Also those Ebers papyrus tells that two of the main causes of death from malignant  cancer were of the throat and anal cancer!!!!  (But it states malignant cancer was rare) To put matters in perspective one of the people of Egypt is said to have joints of a 26 year old at 34 years old.  But not only that one of the Pharaohs is depicted as having a constant erection.  Now I don't know what that pharaoh was up to.  But clearly there is a correlation between not aging as rapidly as the pharaoh and also those who are mentioned in early parts of the Bible and to those with schizophrenia; I read a long time ago that schizophrenics look a lot younger for their age.

We know from Michael Douglas that the H Pylori bacteria causes oral cancer and that it is transmitted through oral sex.  We also know that they smoked in Egypt. 

Higher developed countries do not have the H Pylori bacteria as much as lesser developed ones.

The Rh- negative blood type is a blood type that lacks an antigen, an immune response instruction code, to the Rhesus monkey??

I have more to read in this and more to inform you about what I read.  But what did the ceremony of the monkey invovle?

And here is a correlation between Egypt and India.  India worships the rat because it reminds them of a reincarnated ancestor.  They let them roam free in a public temple; as seen on television.  Egypt worshiped the mouse because they believed in came from the mud.  One of their health treatments was to skin (live?) mice and feed them to children to cure them of sickness!!!!  Was that really the motive or where they trying to kill the ones they didn't like in genocide or rather euthanasia?

When you read about the hermetic Egyptian scripts and put them in place of WW1 and WWII you have to wonder if Adolf Hitler did not stumble on to one in his search for occult knowledge?  And that is why we have schizophrenia as a medical fraud today?

More notes from the Papyrus Ebers:

They found 104 black people who had been executed by tying the rope to the head and not the neck!  So that the head severed the spinal cord just below the neck!   Put that into comparison of the mocking God in the Bible telling human beings (true Jews) that are working that they are a stiff neck people!  It sounds to me like retribution against someone who would mock you while you work in that exact manner!

Common causes of death were:

mastoid disease
"and the frequency of the fracture of the ulna about two inches above the wrist, more commonly the left ulna in women"  Did they do this because that person was stealing with their Third Eye?  Breaking the wrist is symbolic of punishing a thief?

Now here is how all this relates to schizophrenia and the dependent minded.  "It was part of a firm belief in the superhuman power of the kings to do things simply by expressing a wish that they should be done!"

That is why they put you on medicine!!!!  And that is what you are!  And even though you are not a king according to the most recent findings you have 108 genes that are different from the general population.

Now what does that mean?  By expressing a wish?  What if it was really like this? A brain that was 10% smaller in size did what you thought because it was just that stupid and didn't know what it was doing?  And Jesus declared just that didn't he, "They know not what they do!!!"

Also the druid occult of England believes in worship of the monkey.  Did they also have ones present and perform ceremonies?  What were those ceremonies?  You ever see someone with bulging eyes and have a sense of fear about them?  How is someone like that genetically different?

And do you know how they refer to diseases of the mind like what is termed schizophrenia?  As CONSTITUTIONAL diseases!  That puts into place the founding of the United States and our Freedom from England doesn't it!

No one seems to know the origin of the Romans who conquered Israel.  But here we can put two and two together.  Romulus and Remus were said to be found by a river?  And in Egypt there was stated to be an odd mating where a baby was left by the side of the river and became Moses?  Or something like that, facts might not be straight but the idea is!

So where the Romans really Israelite/Egyptians that were Jews that were made into hairy beasts and came back to destroy Israel?  The Roman empire was one of the most horrific.  Also the Romani are stated to be like Ethiopian blacks or India Indians or something like that too.

And what is the point with regard to this?  Things are not as they should be in terms of responsible control of human health in the United States and I believe that those who do not have their own human soul are to blame!  So what is the common denominator of those who do not have their own human soul?  It has to be a hippo campus defect related to inbreeding, alcohol or something that altars human genetics like H Pylori or Aids?  That one aids researcher bragged that the aids virus had "been along for a lot longer than that" in that You Tube video!  Does its origins date back to horrors of Egypt and the monkey kept in the temple?  What kind of monkey was that?  Did some human beings have immunity to the Rhesus monkey as having RH+ blood?  What role did that Egyptian monkey play in the Rh- blood?  And the minister Farakan quoted a book where the white man was created on the Island of Patmos?  I don't believe that is true.  I believe that the first human beings had to have transitional skin color- meaning white.

So what if those with true schizophrenia have no immunity to the thoughts of human beings?  Meaning they hear them all day long and are not immune from hearing them?  Then you have that firm belief of the will of a God as King being done just because they think it.  The true schizophrenics are born mentally defective in contrast to those of us who were healthy minded all our lives until we started to hear the voices of the true schizophrenics?  Those of us who suffer the most do so because we are true humans!

I believe that it is the book of Romans in the Bible where someone states not to worry that a remnant will come back to help people.  It means that the person who said it knew he wasn't one of us.  That remnant is likely those who have the true human brain.  And those of the true human brain likely are us who have the 108 different genes!!!!  The ones they stigmatize with the label schizophrenia.  And it is not stated to always lead to brain damage.  Therefore that brain damage might be from external factors.  Is history replete with those with the minds of kings or just plain kings being poisoned?  Yes!  And one of those poisons that the Romans used destroyed the memory if it didn't kill you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 07 29 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Now Russia is very close to where the Great Wall of China was erected in order to contain the magog.  And indeed it was a Russian armyman that shot down that plane that had the prominent aides researchers on it.  Had they discovered what the history of the virus really is?  Are children born with mental birth defects because of that virus today.  But more specifically what does it have to do with those that needed to be managed in communism and Putin?  Did Putin know of something that was going to be revealed by the aides researchers and out of secrecy had that plane shot down?  And for all we know the Ukraine is in on the secret too because they seem to have a little cease fire after that?  As if a common goal was achieved and secret kept by the death of those aides researchers?  I believe that  Egyptian ceremonial monkey might have something to do with aides. 

Here is a link to it, read it for yourself!!!

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