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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Cost of Education 07 06 2014

The Cost of Education 07 06 2014

Perhaps if the price of textbooks was kept under $5 then school would not be that expensive?

And in terms of reading and writing what has really changed since I was in grade school in the 70's?  Nothing other than the fact that they can't learn to read and have gone through new modernized text books year after year?  That curriculum didn't change!

So how could that go wrong?  If the text books were standardized and the controlling authority of that had ulterior motives with regard to education.

Shouldn't every single woman have been taught the dangers of drinking causing mental retardation in her baby?  It says birth defects!  Why not spell it out with mental retardation and dyslexia?  Why not put a small picture of a mentally retarded person on ever bottle and can?  We have had a bad kingdom in the United States since about 1932!  And what do all those parents say?  That they love that child!  You never hear a single one tell you of the hardship it caused in their lives!!! NEVER!  And what of the father that kills his mentally retarded child?  I don't believe you can try him for murder! He isn't one of those who bought into the belief that he should love that burden!  And if it doesn't have its own human reason or humans conscience then per the Universal Bill of Human Rights the United isn't a human being!

And one more point about the parents whose kids die in the car!  Did the parent lock the car in order to keep the child safe in a bad neighborhood early in the morning when the weather was cooler?  Why did they have a child at all?  Now carry that concept forward to the Republicans Down Syndrome children and how they want them to be everything!  To participate in all activities like everyone else does?  But they can't take of themselves so how can they raise their own children.  The next point being what would happen if a  person like that had a child and it died?  Do you find them guilty of murder?  In that case you should right?  So what if you allowed one of those to adopt a child and it died in their custody? At that point you might say special circumstances indicate the death penalty or otherwise known as euthanasia specifically in this case.  Okay lets shift focus back to the reprobate who was drinking and locked his child in the car and it died?  It makes the case against him more valid doesn't it?  What does someone like that care about?  What circumstances with regard to room and board must he meet?  Why does he have custody?  Where is the mother?  And here we go!  What can we learn about him that would lead us in the future to deny someone like that from having children?

And wasn't adultery against the law?  How many children are illegal aliens in the United States because of the pro-life movement and adultery?  You would scratch the hair off the top of your head if you read in the future that religion was behind that movement!

Now lets say Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan or someone like that sired a whole lot of bastards out there.  If we ever decided we needed restrictions on how many children a person could have, then shouldn't the bastards have the most restrictions?  Really they should!  But how can we tell who came from who without a national DNA database?  Also we can say that marriages based on nationalities that marry for money and not love should be restricted too!  And perhaps if a woman isn't married she should not be allowed to have a second child?  And also a married woman who gives birth to a mentally defective child should be prevented from having another one with that same man!

And if there is alcohol in a family that is planning for parenthood and the baby dies can you prove that child was going to be a human being with a human conscience and human reason?  So the standard of punishment should be less in the case of the mentally defective!  And you are reading the writing of someone who hears voices in his head and knows that it is medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific however the cause makes it medical fraud.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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