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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Those who would decry that you are not allowed to critique them would control the world 07 01 2014

Those who would decry that you are not allowed to critique them would control the world 07 01 2014


Because you would never be allowed to say anything bad about them?

Now what if you are saying something bad about a religion?  Doesn't our Constitution state that "Shall make no law that respects religion?"  So therefore anything bad said about a religion and prosecuted and won in a lawsuit is verdict that is illegal per the Constitution!

And what will you find out about those who don't want you to say anything bad about them?  My experience tells me that you hear an unending tirade of bad things said about you by them!  And what does that mean?  It means they needed a good talking to from a real father figure early on in their lives that they never got! Why?  Because adults they cannot take criticism regarding human concerns!

And what have they gotten away with?  Putting people on psychiatric medicine who only thought bad things about them!  It brings the world down to the level of an emotionally reactive animal doesn't it?

And when you talk to one they never understand a single concept or idea that is based on human reason!  It is like it is a concept that is from outer space to them! If they had been disciplined properly as children they would have human reason and would never fear true bad things said about them and therefore create laws against it!

And isn't this the same archetype of people who is using drugs today?  They need a coping mechanism in teenage and adult years don't they!  And what do they say about the people who live the longest?  They are mentally retarded equivalent with dementia!  Likely happened from a brain pock marked dead from alcohol use!  And how do alcoholics raise their own children.  I can tell you that no son ever wanted an alcoholic as a father!  I can also tell you of one son who wished it (the addictive substance) wasn't available for his father to drink!

Now was there a distinction between mentally retarded and mentally ill in WWII?  How about mentally victimized versus mentally retarded?  Anybody see the fine distinction I am trying to make?

And what is my point?  If I were to state God put elephant poop on earth but didn't mean for us to eat it some devils advocate on television would put that to the test and attempt to prove me wrong in the ever so slightest way?  As a means to deny common sense present in another person?  What you will find out when you probe people like that is that in a practical sense, they are dumb as a box of rocks.  So they learn through reactionary behavior!  And what does that serve to accomplish?  That they never really needed to learn anything!  Tell them anything and they attempt to prove it wrong so that they do not have to change their entire cognitive framework to learn just one thing at a late stage in their life?  And nueroplasticity is indeed the ability to learn!  But give them something new to do and force them to use their brain and they would sit there and cry instead wouldn't they! "Here sew your daughter a shirt?"  These are things human mothers know and come naturally instinctively to them.  But again in order for you to try and teach them just one thing they would have to change their entire cognitive framework and not be able to do so because thinking for themselves would be hurtful to them!  Perhaps it would even cause depression?  In order to learn you have to integrate what is being learned, albeit with qualification, with what you already know and don't know.  A race of people like that are primitive by comparison and could lead to the end of human civilization?

Spoiled so that do not even have the patience for you to finish even one sentence?  The desire to believe that they were born superior for some evil reason they don't want to share?  Because they have been allowed to dominate the minds of human beings unknowingly to the general human being population?  If you know that you are never going to be in trouble for anything bad that you do you indeed live a reckless life with regard to the "population of humanity?"  And again it reads like the Declaration of Independence declaring that the King of England held mock trials for those who committed offenses that he favored?  They also mentioned something about immigration in the Declaration of Independence but the wording requires a little more analysis than a quick read.
But it has to do with the King not wanting anymore from Europe to come here for fear of losing dominion from England?

Now when we look at all the skyscrapers in the United States and compare it to the benefit of the services provided by them and there questionable benefit to the economy does this provision of Declaration of Independence from July 4th 1776 seem to apply, "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither (near) swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance."  Sounds like Nazi Germany!  Or rather it sounds like the founding fathers are describing the English as being cannibalistic to the human soul, isn't that what every legitimate schizophrenic states has been done to them?  It sounds to me like the founding fathers are quite accurately describing that which isn't one of us!

And when the Declaration complains about how savage the Indians were and how the King helped them.  Doesn't it also sound like the black drug criminals and rapists and organized crime in the United States today?

But think back in history and do not fear.  Why not?  We beat the h311 out of those English and sent them back!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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