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Friday, July 4, 2014

Where are our tanks! Part 2 of 2 07 04 2014

Where are our tanks!  07 04 2014 Part 2 of 2
(Part 1 is titled The Death Penalty to Heroin Dealers by Lethal Injection of Heroin 07 04 2014)

A few years ago I watched on television as the Milwaukee Police did a training exercise with a fancy armored vehicle that they paid a lot of money for!  All they really needed was a tank retrofitted with rubber treading or what is like a tank called an armored personnel vehicle!  And those have not been engineered the way that they should either to evade roadside bombs in Iraq.  They could have lined the complete underside with Kevlar; layered on the metal lower hull!  The tires could have been double ply Kevlar over rubber too.  But for some reason they didn’t care to!  Oddly enough some of my military inventions posts have mysteriously disappeared after I posted them.
There used to be a National Guard post not two blocks away from my house in Whitefish Bay.  Now it is a field.  It makes me wonder if they aren’t going to want to plant Timothy Leary or Tiny Tim or George Bush poppies there some day?
And what does the Police/Sheriff Force state today?  That they don’t have the equipment to go after criminals!
We had plenty of tanks around and easy to get at but some President who had a bad agenda for the United States dismantled that!  He likes the children of alcohol drunk addicts doesn’t he; that is where the money comes from to get people like our last 10 Presidents of the U.S. elected!
A woman that raised a drug dealer is not an innocent person!  She is far from it!
Where are all our tanks?  Who dismantled our national guard?  It was George Bush Junior wasn’t it!
Family values, no child left behind?  That was brain child George Bush’s ideas too!  It turns out that children are selling the Ritalin that was part of his Nazi Youth program in the United States!  That is right; George Bush facilitated the development of child drug dealers.  Now the phrase the road to hell is paved with good intentions isn’t really accurate.  It should reflect the point that an imbecile never can be said to have had good intentions in retrospect.
Have you ever seen the old Laurel and Hardy shows where the Hobos are running and pockets of dust are mysteriously rising near their feet?  That is what we are going to need to do to this off breed in the United States someday in order to protect our own legitimate American lives!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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