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Friday, July 25, 2014

Seizing the Property Plant and Equipment of Corporate Assets 07 25 2014

Seizing the Property Plant and Equipment of Corporate Assets 07 25 2014

Seizing the Property Plant and Equipment of Corporate Assets and barring people from entry?  Has it ever been done?  What would it take to do so?  How does the United States have to prepare to do that?
That is something that should have already been done in a great many of instances!  And it is something that we are going to have to do in the future.

I can remember a man who put up our vinyl siding telling me how he was a guard at a military prison and he had to shoot someone in the back and kill them, someone who was trying to escape.  He said it did not weigh on his conscious either.  And it was for something a lot more minor that the crimes against our freedom that have been committed under the facade of a Corporation.  I can't remember what that person he shot did wrong; absent without leave? AWOL?  Drunkenness?  Which brings up the next point with all the drugs and sexual assault in the military today you would think there would be a lot of people trying to escape from military prisons?  But they are not in them in the first place or the crimes wouldn't be perpetuated to the degree and repetition that they are.

Now put two and two together with the Republican goal of smaller government and also favoring the rights of those born mentally defective such as those with Down's Syndrome over human beings????  And do you see how it falls into place with not wanting to punish those guilty of crimes as above?  It really is a statement about self as having been born with a mental defect!!!  That is one element that doesn't belong in the United States.

Now if you thought that you were mentally ill because you heard voices tell me what someone like George Bush is when he advocates torture and family values?  What type of lizard family is he representing in the United States?  To put the two together in the same context equates to organized crime being family that believes in torture?  Not only did he never belong in the office of President of the United States but........I don't know any legitimate country in the world who would be proud to have someone like that as a citizen!!!  To believe in both those things at the same time is not mental illness it is something far worse mental defect!  Mental Illness implies something is temporary and you didn't have it before; mental defect is something you were born with.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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