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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ever ask someone who has adopted children if they have any hobbies? updated

Ever ask someone who has adopted children if they have any hobbies?
What they will tell you is that it takes too much time and effort to raise their children.
What is the point in asking?  Because if they don’t have any hobbies then their children have nothing to do to come up alongside them and watch them work.  To learn from a parent out of the child being curious as to what the parent is doing!  Perhaps that is the best way to teach a child.  That is the nature of love in parent child bonding or mind imprintation. But what of the parent who has a paucity of skills or hobbies they are interested in?  How do children of them fair. 
Now listen to this next part and tell me how it could lead to a national sickness?  All the parent has to do all day is watch people on television speaking in a vile manner? That child will not be imprinted correctly!  The child sits by the parent and they both believe in the person of the vile speaking manner!  That child does not become a child of a loving father and mother!  And what does a child become when the only attention he/she gets is by sitting by his beer drinking or wine drinking mother in front of the television?
So what happens when that child has no valid father or mother figure?  What do they strive for like a plant grows to find light?  They strive for that element of human mind that creates works of love that is absent in their family?
The song with the lyrics, “I concentrate on you,” is really about having a fixation on someone!  And that fixation is never about the person who they are concentrating on.  How many who hear voices feel as if they are the object or objectification of a fixation?  In which case it isn’t about you!
And what about the parent who holds his or her adopted child up like it is something everyone else can’t have, something that everyone else covets?  Does it really mean that the parent wants to love the child more if he can create the belief system that everyone else covets the child?  Which really means that parent doesn’t love the child.  Hence they should not been allowed to adopt.  Their only satisfaction of having a child is that people see them with the child and they make that ownership claim to it?  We don’t really own children do we?  When I was a boy I roamed free in the neighborhood.  My parents did make much of a show about having me, pretentiousness the word I am looking for!
Now how many men only have a girlfriend or wife for that very same reason?  Because they want other men to approve of them?  That isn’t why you get a girlfriend or wife, you do so because a connection is made!  Much like a son moseying up to his father’s side to see what he is doing and attempt to learn it!
In otherwords the mutual interest in each other does not arise by how others would view you two together!  As that could lead to a marriage that won’t last that is based on some kind of fixation?  The fixation being one of creating an appearance?
And perhaps the goal in such a marriage would be to translate that how other people see us together to how we really feel about each other when we are alone together?  Somehow a realization of the emotions or a truthening of the emotions or to make that spark honest and lasting, which can only be accomplished through being humble and hence not caring what other people think of you as a couple and hence the couple might fall apart as the concept can’t be translated to reality.
It makes you wonder if they adopt children to learn from the children?  The child an object to allow them to learn how to fit into a neighborhood?  The objectified child?
And what about two people that are only in love because it annoys everyone else?  It really means that they have a personal doctrine of annoying other people?  How can a person like that truly ever love another?  Put them alone together for too long in a room and the fur would be strewn everywhere!  Hence the next step they take is adopting an extension to their pretentious relationship called the objectified child.  And what of the child that is willfully pretentious of how others see them?  Does it really mean that they do not love themselves?  I have to say yes!  So they too, are in love with being something they can never be?
Have there ever been meaningful psychological studies into the concepts that I write about?  Never!

And back to the title.  Why adopt a child if you have nothing to teach them?

And what reward does the adult who adopts a child that will never be able to learn expect to receive; other than an increase in their own pretentious or  false sense of self esteem?  If you knew you couldn't teach them why did you adopt them?  You expected or desired to put that burden on someone else!  And when that child grows up all it will be able to do is put the burden of its own children on normal human beings to!  So it likes to create a vicious circle doesn't it?  Whereby the reward comes from someone else having to deal with its children which essentially amount to an extension of itself.  So it too is seeking missing love in adulthood from that same human being teaching class.  So in society a division exists those who could teach their own children and those who could not and therefore find an odd perversion by putting the burden of them on legitimate human beings; while they in turn spend their time tribally taking more money out of the world?  Hence it also elevates their sense of self to create a harder economic situation for the teaching and therefore learning class!

And what about the teacher in a private or public school that might single out a student who is of the teacher/learning class in order that other children fixate on that one student or other person?  Should that teacher even be paid?  And that was indeed the way children were taught in the Essene Jewish Religion as written in the Dead Sea Scrolls. And a student that learns like that exhibits the behavior of the proud thief in our society.  Contrast that to the son who moseys up to his fathers side?

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