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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Barrack wouldn't recognize his own reflection in the Rio Grande River Water 07 08 2014

Obama on Immigration 07 08 2014

So we know the drugs going into Chicago come from Mexico.  And these are the people that Barrack would want to grant immigration to?  We know that all drugs are the origin of violence. 

We also know that Barrack had great qualms when a top of the class black girl was killed in Chicago.

How many of those immigrants are part of the drug trade? They all benefit from it or are victimized by it in some way!

Barrack would look at his own reflection in a pool of Rio Grande River water and not recognize himself.  He thinks that he is an illegal immigrant and not a high achieving black person victimized by drugs in Chicago.  Apparently he never noticed anyone ever become victimized by drugs from Mexico in Chicago?  Because of that we have wonder how is a beneficiary of them?

But Barrack will repeatedly disassociate cause from effect.  (Drugs allow you to readily do that and have belief systems like that.)

He ought to be shoving them out of here as fast as he can!  And he ought to give them a copy of the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence in both Spanish and English so they can lobby to Mexico for what they want!  It is really an Act of War by Mexico and Cuba!

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