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Friday, July 11, 2014

How the mentally defective adapt and succeed in life when they should not 07 11 2014

How the mentally defective adapt and succeed in life when they should not 07 11 2014

In business, it knows when you know that you have already won, and at that point it is loses its ability to be social.

Why, because it doesn't want to have to endure a lecture from your understanding.  That is the exact point is stops learning life!

It knows when you know that you have already won, but it doesn't want you to realize that you have won, so it will call it quits in a conversation with you.

All it really knows is that you won and it didn't and it doesn't want to think of the reasons?  Maybe the real reason is that up to that point it is all that it wants to remember, why it was wrong at that point it stopped arguing with you?  Which really means it is trying to attempt to develop verbal ability in order to defeat human conscience and human reason!

It doesn't care about the issue or the context all it really cares about is that the next time it argues with you it can defeat you verbally in some manner!

It doesn't have the knowledge to defeat human argument so it develops verbal ability to defeat the verbal element to human knowledge!

And when it defeats you in this manner it feels superior to you!  Why? Because you weren't able to explain something to it.  But what is your not being able to explain something to it amount to?  Two things at once,. 1. Antisocial behavior.  2. The inability to listen and learn. Because you were not able to teach it anything! When it cuts you off from speaking it denies itself having to listen to an explanation an intelligent person could understand that it couldn't!  And if you are indeed superior to it it will cut you off from speaking the moment you start to speak!

It can't comprehend the human relevancy to issues!

We need to bar it from the money industry, governance and wealth inheritance.
Whenever it gets ahead in life it is done so at the expense of humanity and humanities future.

It also views all women to be as dumb as its own mother! And it needs to have the viewpoint; that those that are not like it represent a pool of potential victims; otherwise it implodes from self hatred.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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