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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey look you are ugly! 07 24 2014

“Hey look you are ugly!”

What to tell a child with Down’s Syndrome or Asperger’s (etc.) when the little blond girl in the classroom is horrified by the sight of them! “Hey look you are ugly!”

And this is indeed one of those cases when it really is about the person and not someone else!

And that is the best thing you could ever teach that child about itself!  Why?  Because people are going to react that way to it all its life!  So that child should never be allowed to develop animosity or resentment to them because of the reality of their own condition!  Why not?  You would think everyone would know the reason but they don’t seem to!  The reason being is because if they are allowed to not think they are ugly and people naturally react to them being ugly then they are likely to want to harm that person that see’s them as ugly when they are!  In fact they will pose that risk among us all their lives?  At some point are they likely to snap and harm one of us?  At some point are they likely to opportunize one of us and harm us when they get us alone?  I believe the answer to both of those questions is resoundingly true.  And the far greater horror would be if they attained political power and attempted to change the entire world to suit a spoiled and untrue sense that they have about themselves!

So why is this relevant to schizophrenia?  I used to read that schizophrenics looked much younger for their age.  And recently they tried to say that those suffering from the affliction of hearing voices are the ones who are genetic oddballs.  In fact I just read that we who hear voices have 108 genes that are different and relate to human immunity?  What that study is going to end up proving is that we are the real humans.  But why is this commentary relevant to schizophrenia?  Because I believe the souls of human beings are used as a template to attempt to educate those who qualify as having a learning disability.  Also we see that the Republican Party considers those with Down’s Syndrome to be the new defacto master race!  Why else would you give a family that has a mentally retarded child a supplement of $80,000.oo and make the commentary Cathy McMorris Rodgers did if that wasn’t your belief system.  And this is indeed consistent with George Bush’s no child left behind AGENDA.  His family wealth appears to come from a bank transfer from the largest steel producer out of Nazi Germany.

And you know what?  Those families who have those children believe in the concept of “tough love!”  Do they really when the concept is accurately applied to them?  No they believe in the sniveling exact opposite of it, spoiled that mean child rotten and they can do no wrong.  Anyone who see’s it is behaving differently should be their potential victim?  Anyone who thinks they are ugly when they are should get a beating.

And indeed this concept might apply to integrated schools where black children are bussed in too.  Why?  If that child is not told they look different and might be considered ugly might they also attempt to bring in drugs and push them on those who see them as ugly?  And hence the whole community goes into a vortex downwards. To be honest some of those black children do have lantern jaws like gorilla’s (scary looking) and little blond haired girls are horrified of them!  And how many white women have been raped by black men because of lack of responsibility to the concept?  We do indeed learn by comparison.  And ugly is ugly and from my experience it usually goes straight to the bone.  And what happens when a child that is scary looking realizes it?  They use that ugliness to create fear so that they can bully other children!  And then we get all kinds of challenges to the United States Constitution from them too!

My next article is meant to be about what the legal concept of PRODUCT LIABILITY should be with regard to ALCOHOL SALES.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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