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Friday, January 1, 2016

The Hapless Way of Satan 01 01 2016

The Hapless Way of Satan  01 01 2016

When one evil person starts to get on your nerves to much in an effort of damage control the satanic will send one into your life or proximity that looks very much like that same person.  And that double ganger will often play the part of the fool. 

Why?  So you don't condemn the other person with your negative thoughts about them.  Why?  Because that satanic person is with you and often wakes up every morning sore because it isn't you and never will be.  When they send that double ganger in it allows that first satanic person to realize what you would think about them from a true perspective.  And sometimes you do indeed think good things about that person.

It protects the emotions of satan and therefore protects you from the negative will of satan.

Isn't that a lot of damage control necessitated by mental retardation?

Here is what should really happen.  Look at this xray of your brain.  It shows that you have an abnormal exterior fold on the front of your brain.  You will not think like a normal human being and hence are not human.  You are required to behave yourself and sit still at all times!  When someone is speaking you are required to listen and not interrupt and distract.  Failure to obey the rules required for the children of alcohol drinkers could result in euthenization.  When you become an adult for the reasons listed above you will never be allocated a position of authority or responsibility.  You will never be allowed to become successful or famous. 

Do you know what I think about a child that tries to get your normal child hooked on drugs?  Put them right in the gas chamber and the scratches on the wall in their don't bother me one bit!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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