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Friday, January 1, 2016

The Investment Business was NEVER meant to be Populated by 1 01 2016

The Investment Business was NEVER meant to be Populated by 1 01 2016

The Investment Business was NEVER meant to be Populated by those who lacked the manual dexterity and pragmatism needed as a right of passage to manhood.  What do I mean?  A man should have the ability to have a vision of creation and transform that vision through diagrams and plans into physical reality with his own two hands.  That right of passage should not only be required to manhood but for those seeking to lend and invest money in the United States.

Otherwise what do we end up with odd derivatives that are fraudulent crime, banks running up debt on bad loans, infrastructure decay, untenable environmental future liabilities, unneeded insurance policy, and the quandary of what to do because we no longer have a viable work force hence farm our labor out to a country that doesn't respect human rights, also drunks and their mentally retarded children no one knows where they came from. 

Am I articulating why some of us hear voices in our heads and who the likely suspects are?

So if you can't be any of the above you join the scribe league and write about man as if he is the folly and not yourself.

I would like to see just one thing that Barack Obama made with his own two hands.  Why?  That is something you learn from a father figure.

And one more thing.  Both the Bible and the Quran talk about divorcing women and when and how it should be done and whether you can take a new wife afterwards.  Does anyone see what is completely missing in those books because the God who should have thought of it didn't?  It doesn't talk about the children!!!  WHO IS GOING TO RAISE THE CHILDREN!  No legitimate God or religious authority would not be thinking about that and writing about it in "the word of a lord" book!  Those were not Gods in the Bible!  They were manipulative men who did not have their own cognition; most likely like every bastard that was ever born.  Pro Life is an attack on our Democracy and human freedom!  Look at how these hapless sons gain power and lead to the ruin of everything that supports and maintains human life and civilization?  And how does a Jewish proverb relate to this issue in metaphor?     ~Children are like sacks of grain if you need one and I have an extra one I would be happy to give it to you. ~      Children are not sacks of grain!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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