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Monday, August 3, 2015

The idea that a stimulant counter effects a narcotic 08 03 2015

The idea that a stimulant counter effects a narcotic 08 03 2015

I even had a psychology professor in College recommend this to the class.

That is exactly what did Elvis in!

It was indeed a Nazi Germany business machine!  Drink alcohol and take "percatin" the next day to fight the war? 

If the alcohol was so great you wouldn't need a drug to counteract it would you!

And granted who wasn't getting tired of Elvis dominating the number one spot.  After awhile it just becomes too much "me, me, me!"  So that is indeed commentary on "show business" that needs to be legislated or indoctrinated into society?

Is that all you can do to make money?  Pretend to be someone else?  Pretend to be something you aren't?  How do you benefit the United States?

And that transitioned into give your mentally retarded children speed in drug labeled form because they were born with brain development depressant disorder?  (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome)

That was an Italian professor!!!  Give that woman in mass a drink of wine so that her baby is born mentally retarded?  What are they doing here?  What are they doing on the planet earth?  People (?) like that do not belong in human civilization!

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