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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Only Reason FDR entered the U.S. into WWII was because he wanted to secure the rights to sell foreign liquor here 08 03 2015

The Only Reason FDR entered the U.S. into WWII was because he wanted to secure the rights to sell foreign liquor here 08 03 2015

Great Britain or whatever you want to call them had knowledge of the Japanese fleet in the Pacific prior to the Japanese attack on Hawaii; but did not tell the United States.  The Japanese, Germans and Italians were all part of the AXIS side of WWII.  But the Queen of England is seen being taught the Nazi Salute!!!

FDR had strong connection with England and France because that was his ancestry and his family money came from the narcotic trade with China!

The United States also supplied many goods to Britain before we entered the WAR!

Bottom line.  FDR also knew that the Japanese would attack Hawaii but did not take offensive action to prevent it!  We had not yet entered the War!  Did FDR encourage the attack on Hawaii because he knew it would enter the U.S. into WWII?  And therefore in saving England he would secure the alcohol rights for liquor sold into the United States?

This man was an addict!  He was an alcoholic!  Had to have been.  His wife was a Lesbian.  Recent scientific evidence links it to a defect in the serotonin regulating gene.

He had only one thing on his mind!

In order to amend the Constitution you need to meet two very important criteria!  FDR committed treason because the real reason he put forth the 21st amendment that re-legalized alcohol was for his family to obtain the rights to sell it in the United States!

So how do you annul part of the Constitution that was created in complete fraud!  They are going after the Second Amendment because it is the greatest threat to rule by the mentally retarded. That Second Amendment is what ensured the Freedom of the United States time and time again. So why can't we go after an amendment that was definitely an illegal one!  It ought to be an easy nix because it did not satisfy the criteria for being an amendment!  So therefore it should have never been signed by anyone!

Perhaps we should put forth another amendment that states that no legislation can be created while we are at war?  It wouldn't matter would it?  Why not?  Because the Constitution already states we are only to be at War for Two years at the most!  We have been in the middle east with our serotonin defective gene troops for well over 26 years!

What they don't want to tell you is that everyone who has that defective serotonin regulating gene is a miserable drug addict, alcoholics included.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2015
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