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Thursday, September 19, 2013

21st Century Psychological (Psychiatry) Principle 09 19 2013

21st Century Psychological (Psychiatry) Principle 09 19 2013
Have you ever met a person that hates you because they want you to hate them and you refuse to do so?  In this case the hatred is not about you is it!  How can it be?
Is it really about them being a shadow of you and being very uncomfortable with a reality that they cannot change?
If your actions define you as something to be hated you don’t belong with human beings.  (A child molester who is a foster parent and “mind controls” children so that they believe the molestations are normal would be a prime example of such a person.)
The brain defect that causes this is why it is an impeachable offense to incite civil unrest.  Under this doctrine many of our public officials are unfit to hold office today!
The founding fathers knew how to define evil people by their actions and this was and will always be one of them!  The person that wants you to hate them and hates you because you refuse to hate them!  They know what it was but not what was wrong with it that made it that way.  So the best our fathers could do for us was define what the behavior of such a person would be if they came to power.
It is the primary means the DH (Defective Hippocampi) use to empower themselves over human beings.  The psychiatric manuals were written by them!
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Failure to recognize this is how national currencies have become worthless.

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