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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Controlled Genocide of Human Beings by the Satanic- death from Antipsychotics per year 09 26 2013

Link to Internet Search Results

The results are extremely alarming!

As that one internet item lists they kill far more people than terrorists do every year.

Data obtained per the analysis at the link above:

The rate of death per atypical anti-pyschotics every year is 3.3 per 1000.

1.99 is the rate of sudden cardiac deaths for those taking typical anti-psychotics versus the general population
2.26 is the rate of sudden cardiac deaths for those taking what are termed atypical antipsychotics compered to sudden cardiac death for the general population.

So if we attempt to gross up these numbers to get a total like we have for that of Tylenol we get what number of human beings?  Well the caculations I am making are not going to hold true because of study variables that I am not aware of and cannot confirm, but here we go.

If we assume that 1% to 2% of the worlds general population is being treated for what I know is a medical fraud, then we can determine that number to be about~ 1% of 3.5 billion people equates to 35 million right, 350 million would be 10% so 35 million is the correct number of victims.

Now how many 1000 units of people is 35 million?  It is 35,000.  So we use the higher rate 3.3 for atypical and apply it to that 35,000 and the number becomes 35,000 times 3.3 = 115,500 people dying every year.  So we do a little algebra or attempt to....

 We don't know how many are prescribed which ones.  But you know what that 115,000 number of genocidal deaths isn't going to come down to zero the acceptable number in terms of human health!!!

That is genocide!!!!

Do you know what a psychiatrist will tell you when prescribing any of these drugs, there is no risk of dying!  He will force them on you like a street drug dealer cajoles innocent youth!  But you do not yet know the reason why?  Those anti-pyschotic drugs are prescribed because the satanic do not have the ability to process their own memories and learn from them.  So in effect those who are diagnosed with a split soul (Schizophrenia) were indeed mind mentors to the Satanic.  The area of the brain that is damaged by alcohol is called the hippo-campus, even a few drops are said to increase the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome, alcohol being the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere.  Alcohol was part of every church service for over 2000 years.  So if a woman was pregnant and went to mass she had 9 months x 4 weeks = a 36 possible chances of that child being born with a defective hippo-campus.  Not only that add in the casual drinking most women were never adequately warned could cause birth defects. And that is who all those people are that do not have their own soul.  The hippo-campus is responsible for converting short term memories into long term memories and that is indeed the nature of learning, learning is the ability to remember something the next day!  I do not believe that human beings should be sacrificed to the benefit of the irresponsible in our society who drank and promoted drinking and made money from the sale of alcohol.  So what do all antipsychotics have in common?  Here is a clue as to who would want you to take them; they all prevent a human being from using their own higher brain function.  And what is higher brain function?  It is thinking based on recalling your own life's memories.

I can remember my High School Biology professor, I believe that his name was Mr. Zamzow.  Big burly looking slavic man.  He made the comment in class one day and smiled directly at me when he said it, "I believe that the older generation should get out of the way of the younger generation."  We also took a little survey about what physical traits we had such as ridges in our finger nails.  This is back circa 1983.  What is the point?  I don't believe that we should get out of the way of a younger generation whose parents did not have the love of each other to see that a baby was not born with a poisoned brain.  It defy's my human reason.  The human body creates a hard skull to protect the human brain and alcohol penetrates right through that defense by causing oxidative damage (oxygen deprivation) to the brain, it is literally as bad as if someone choked you from behind or put a plastic bag over your head until you turned blue.  The damage to the fetus occurs in the area of the hippocampus and it is irreversible.  But what do we know about the spectrum, we know that even some of the worst cases of it, those with the facial features can learn how to talk, and that is what I would consider the worst.  But what of those that do not have the physical manifestations?   They look normal accept the alcohol poisoned their ability to think from their own memories- and they make good salesmen because they can anticipate a negative response to a sales tactic too!  They can sell the world of human beings on antipsychotics for an illness that they caused!  I can trace every thought in my head to a memory of personal experience that I had, you should try it sometime- it is called owning up to your own life, it is called being responsible.  And do you know what?  I heard a voice speaking to me two times in my childhood, just one or two sentences those two times.  One of those voices said, "You need to be able to trace every thought in your head to your memory!"  Another voice came to me, I had slipped after climbing up to the top of a twenty foot tree, it said to me, "Stick out your arms."  I had already thought about doing this if I had somehow fallen while up in the tree, but the voice helped me somewhat to remember it right then or rather maybe it thought I would not do it if I heard it telling me to?  Anyhow I knew to stick out my arms per my memory anyway and did so and as I was falling I caught on a branch that was 5 feet below the 20 foot level.  I can remember one other thing it said to me, it was a woman, "You will unite all races."  Or you will be some universal something, something like that.  I was just a young boy.

The second of those search results states that over a 10 year period 39 of 88 people on antipsychotics died.  That amounts to a death rate of  44%.  Again even one death would be too many.  But here again we have the public lead to believe that there is no other hope for these people.  Yes there is and it is a strong mind and eliminating the cause of the weak minded (from oxygen deprivation damage to the brain) and also their influence on our society.

If 88 people went to see a psychiatrist at the same time (they would have to fit in an auditorium) and he told them at the end of 10 years 39 of you will be dead, what would the outcome be?  What should it be?

Those voices by the satanic who share your mind because of your ability to think at a higher level because of a hippocampus that was not damaged during conception or fetal development rely on attrition of those voices to your thought process so that you give up on thinking and go on anti-psychotics.  There is a great danger if you do because they are indeed part of your mind and can therefore demonically possess you to have an accident.  It works by them intimately knowing your thought processes and diverting that stream through imagination and emotions such as chivalry, bravery, sexual stimuli, what the actor on television did in that instance, how so and so emphasized a word in a sentence and glared at you for you to figure out why, etc etc, to make a minor point for the other side, do you see the desperation involved?  We currently still have the ability to feed everyone adequately enough and also solar energy would indeed provide a majority of our energy supply, so maybe it should no longer be a hidden issue?  So it is an issue because it raises the living standard of those who have the defective hippocampus to an artificial level?  And it would be a great source of shame for a person to live by if other people knew?  You know what, I don't think it is any of your fault- you were born that way but should not have been.  So indeed after a generation or two less and less would be born that way (without the birth defect caused by alcohol and inbreeding)  And in the future it may no longer be an issue.  And all this can be accomplished peacefully and should.

I usually use the single word spelling of hippocampus rather than the derogatory hyphenation; hippo-campus.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
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