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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Energy Drinks 09 24 2013

Energy Drinks

This article is commentary based on a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article published today titled, "Parents warned over energy drink use by kids by Nancy Churnin of the Dallas Morning News.

Something isn’t how we semantically define it to be.  A soda is a soda and these energy drinks are carbonated with sugar!  That is a soda!!!!  Apparently no one at the FDA or newspapers can do the algebra.
The FDA law is no more than 71 milligrams per 12 ounces. 
According to the Milwaukee Journal article
Monster Worx Energy Contains 200 milligrams of caffeine per two ounces.  If that is a 16 once can, which I believe most of these come in, it that means that can has ((16resevoir/2unit)* 200 milligrams of caffeine)= 1600 milligrams of caffeine.  Okay so how much is that per 12 once can?  (12/16) *1600= 1200 milligrams of Caffeine. The other way to do that comparative math would be (12 ounce can/2once measurement)* 200= 1200 milligrams of caffeine.  Now how much more is that than the FDA says is safe?  1200/71= 16 times the FDA limit.
I can hear the old hags on television telling everyone that vitamins should be banned again.  Caffeine is not a vitamin!  Indeed many people could reverse the course of illness and disease with mega doses of vitamins recommended by a top 1% tier Doctor!  There is no Vitamin Caffeine.
Coca Cola NOS Energy 260 milligrams in 16 ounces.  (.75 liquid ratio (12ounce can to 16ounce can)x 260/71)= 2.74 times the FDA limit!
Rockstar Energy 240 milligrams per 16 once's. (.75 liquid ratio x 240/71)= 2.53 times the FDA limit!
What is this?  This is a drug becoming ineffective and therefore people having to take more and more of it until it kills them!  This brings up an interesting point.  This brings up an interesting point.  My Whitefish Bay High School Chemistry teachers name was Miss Mitchell.  They called her Bubbles Mitchell because of her personality.  She would “Snap” at students.  She was clearly obese and slugged down diet colas like she was a marathon runner drinking purified water.  But anyhow one day A bright student asked her, “Why do they put so much stuff in those sodas?” This was about 1983 the years when all the rich kids were applauded Ronald Reagan for stealing the Presidential election through Iran Contra.  She yelled at him (the student) like he was an idiot and saying, “Because it is good for you!”  She died not too long after that of a heart attack or a stroke or something.  Do you want to know what is even more ridiculous?  This women who was overweight and died was a finalist candidate to go up on one of the space shuttle crews!!!  How many millions do those cost, the currency that should have Lincoln on it is in the Billions?   And she could have been the one to die up there and have it plummet to earth out of control possible to Washington DC or right where I live Whitefish Bay Wisconsin, etc.

These drinks are also very hard on your kidneys!
Do you know who is actively denying people like me from using our own minds?  The same people from business that are getting away with murder on a broad scale!!!!
I have drank these and been light headed to from them.  Sometimes it is a delayed effect whereby it does not hit you until the next day!!!!  Are their chemicals engineered so that they act via long term duration?  Ie time released caffeine molecule in soda? 
These energy drinks are an attack on Americans!!!!  Even one death would be too many!  Where is the country Sheriff to say no more?  Where is the law??  They are living off the proceeds from the stolen soul today!  And hoping to be the next person in the limelight?  Limelight, exploding space shuttle jet rocket fuel, and ethanol: I don’t see the difference.
Semantics should not apply to thwart legality.  Nor should the governing force of the United States be guided by those who believe it should.  One could indeed say that our Constitutional interpretations today are based on a Confederate belief system and not the first person minds of human beings.
I know those energy drinks are bad for me!  But even I am tempted to drink them!!!  They should not be on the store shelves in the present formulations!  I do like the taste of them.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on  09 24 2013 at:
Before I finished writing this I had to back a car out on the street so that my mother could takes hers out of the driveway and go to lunch.  While I was waiting parked on the street a young man in a light blue late model Audio drove by my house.  I live about 100 yards from Whitefish Bay High School and have all my life, less 3 years away from home where I learned what the beast is.   He was steering with his knees while he was lighting up a marijuana pipe with his two steering wheel hands!!!!  I am going to tell you a secret.  When I took the CPA exam there was a review course for it that was located on about 68th and Greenfield.  With my part time job I did not have time to eat before I had to get there, so I had to steer with my knees through fast and tight rush hour expressway and side street traffic to get there.  But in my mind that was necessitated.  That is not like the young ding bat texting on her cell phone or the kid lighting up the pot pipe.  And I passed the first time that I took that exam!  That kid driving the Audi would say that he see’s no difference between him and myself!

So you read grammar like this in this mornings Journal Sentinel, "...they lost their one of top playmakers on defense and, ultimately, their second close game in three weeks....," and you say to yourself, I could get a job working at that paper too?  Well no you can't!  And this is the paper that has a copy of my novel The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper and failed to write a review of it in the paper. Apparently they do not have the ability to sound out grammar?  What is that revealing of?  Do you see what the mental defect is?

I have to paraphrase the slogan of one of the first energy drinks to become popular because the literal interpretation is directly from a religious concept that when an angle in heaven helps you it gets its wings, it seems a direct and blatant contradiction.

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