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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Handmade Wooden Cases 09 10 2013

Handmade Wooden Cases 09 10 2013
These were to be part of a novel that describes how to make things out of scrap wood but the beast and her sisters that raise their children by demonizing the minds of men would not allow it!  So I am parting out with them here.  The original intention was that the book would be used to teach adolescents the art of woodworking.  And even had the ambition that adolescents would manufacturer them as a form of learning how to work.
They are various cases for different uses.  And the design is sure to be copied and all that you see commercially available will be knockoffs, forgeries, fraud and plagiarisms; the new American standard!
I design and handcraft products that are fun to make and use.

More or less from left to right they are:
Model 17LD This is a deep laptop case. Suitable for a 17 inch laptop with room for many manuscripts.
Model 300RC This is a rifle case.
Model 17L This is a laptop case. Suitable for a 17 inch screen laptop.
Model 19G This is a small case. Can be used as a purse or tool box.
Model 10L This a medium sized small case (Bigger than the model 19G) Can be used for a small 10” style laptop.
Model 777 This is an extra large luggage case.

All have locking hardware.

Serious inquiries only!  Email contact at: TMPHOTO@WI.RR.COM
Millionaire credentials only!
If I do not sell them you will be able to pick them up for next to nothing at an Estate sale some day.

Copyright 2013 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 09 10 2013 at:
I was not planning on publicly releasing the designs because I had a greater ambition than that with regard to them.  However the beast will not allow me to perfect my writing.

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