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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Microwave Routers, Phones and Ovens and Autism 09 18 2013 Update #2

Microwave Routers, Phones and Ovens 09 18 2013

That last article brought up an interesting point.  That wireless internet router operates on the same frequency as a microwave oven, 2.4Ghz.

And that signal (router) can commonly spread as much as a city block.  So the question becomes autism is at an epidemic level.  What do we know about mental retardation?  It is caused by oxygen deprivation to the brain rapidly damaging the hippocampus!!!  The area responsible for solidifying short term memories into long term, aka learning!

So indeed if a persons mind is being cooked that deprives the brain of water in the blood and therefore causes oxygen deprivation to the brain?  Or rather it just cooks the hippocampus to brain damage!

A long time ago I wired our entire house with Ethernet cables and ditched the wireless router when I noticed it was giving me dry eyes!  IF IT IS DRYING OUT MY EYES IT IS COOKING YOUR BABIES BRAIN!

But what affect is this wireless technology having on youth brain development?  I will give you a clue, in Milwaukee we can no longer grade people on A through F because none of them are reading proficient.  And what do they all have- cell phones!!!!

This technology is not safe for humans!  But I am not going to be the one that protests and makes the change, it should be the parents of these autistic children!

One should do some research to see who were the main proponents of the wireless router in the United States!  We shield our microwave ovens and yet put an unshielded one in the center of our homes?   How stupid are you?  And do you expect any human being to listen to your mentally retarded child when they become an adult?  Are we to take orders from them?

You can't tell me that microwave technology used in wireless routers, cell phones and ovens is not causing Autism.  I am not that stupid to believe your money corporate money pitches!

My ideas are not popular because they are formulated with common sense and would require people to believe something that they don't want to believe.  "Are you smarter than a fifth grader," show proved or supported the idea of Americans lacking common sense or knowledge.  Are there any countries that have banned such technology?  There should be!

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PS The Russians were known to blast the CIA with microwave weapons in the early 70's.  Also the man that shot President Kennedy had defected from the United States and went to work for a Russian high technology Aerospace firm.

-Once the hippocampus is destroyed you have created a dependent minded person.  Jesus knew who they were and the Bible term for them is Satanic!  So the goal of communism was to create a dependent minded land of the United States?  Alcohol quite readily does the same thing as well as babies born to pine tar cigarettes.  Again the human body creates a very hard skull to protect the human brain and the evil of this world have found very unique ways to get past that and to the heart of the human brain- the hippocampus.

>>>Here is a link that is sure to exorcise malevolent spirits from you!<<<

Update #1

But what if those microwaves beamed at the CIA were not to put the members of the CIA into a stupor and thereby control them?  What if that was communication between a spy in the CIA and Russia via Microwave Technology???  What am I talking about?  Your wireless router is a microwave device- it transmits signals using microwave waves!  How big might the technology have been then? Hard to say but I can tell you how big it is now, those wireless modems that plug into a USB port are no bigger than a piece of Chiklet Gum!

So what type of information might have been transmitted?  Info on the Viet Nam War, Info on the Bay of Pigs incident with Cuba and Russia, and also a plot to kill President Kennedy!  Again the man that actually shot Kennedy defected from the US to Russia where he worked for a very high technology aerospace company before returning to the United States to shoot Kennedy!  Also information on creating a weapon for use in Vietnam that had a tumbling bullet that was not as effective to kill a Communist.  Kennedy did not want to go into Viet Nam.  I have been told that U.S. soldiers could empty the clip of their AR-15 into a Viet Kong and they would keep on coming. As a Solder one well placed bullet or one not so well placed bullet followed by a well placed bullet would be what you required. Okay so you don’t believe me about the ineffectiveness?  A Police Officer in Milwaukee was hit I can’t remember 12 times with a .223 bullet from an AR-15 and he recovered!
But more importantly with regard to the above.  Who was the first to patent the wireless router?  Where their people of mixed nationality working for the firm that patented it?  Where their people known to be of Satanic countries or religions at the Company that patented the microwave modem.  The cover story is that it was that high technology was ceded to U.S. Corporations by what was found from a crashed spacecraft in Roswell.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  If that technology was temporally stolen it was taken from a soul that was de-psychoenergized into one that was psychoenergized.  How does this process work?  I have called it distraction learning.  I first figured it out in the first grade when I learned how to read and another boy couldn't. ...To make that story short the memory of something you learned is denied from you... or from being converted from short term to long term by someone distracting you.  So who can learn this way?  Someone that is unable to process their own memories because their hippocampus is damaged from fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Back to Russia?  Could Russia have a problem or have had a problem with a great percent of the population having damaged hippocampuses.  To get to know the nature of what went on their I have to ask did the potatoes that were taken from Ireland during the Irish Genocide…did they make it to Russia?  Were they used to start the Vodka industry in Russia?  Where they used to dumb down and control the Russian population?  And in effect create people that could not convert short term to long term memories.  But better yet are there family lines that cannot convert THEIR OWN short term memories into long term memory because it has been bread out of them by inbreeding and incest?  Incest is indeed a cause of hippocampuses that are damaged during conception and development.  According to the book of Genesis Lot and his daughters were incestuous and also the Bible states that Judah whom the Judea religion was founded on believed in and practiced incest!

Back to pyschoenergiziation and mind control.  So you cannot convert short term memories into long.  Instead you seek a soul to mentor you.  Someone is demonized in your name.  In trauma they lose their soul- their body energy is thinned and the Russians also figured this out through Kirlean energy photography.  But more importantly let’s say that you have chosen the soul of someone working for the CIA to imprint on your own.  You see what they do in your mind’s eye because you do not have the ability to remember because of a defective hippocampus.  Let me ask you this?  If you are that archetype of person how do you turn off the process?  You zap that person with a microwave weapon that negates the electrical synapses in their brain!  You have made the break from their mind.  Not only that you have their skill sets.  And the process works best if they have ejaculated or if the woman has “passed” an ova.  Why?  Because they contain that soul energy.  They have to.  You have also created a fountain of life in the process!  You are living off someone else’s life energy and also their future, including any fame that they had coming their way!  And that is indeed what Communism and the Communist mind has done to the United States of America.
And you can tell who is dependent upon the soul of your discarded semen because they will be running around like an Energizer Bunny when it happens!  Some of them actually look like they have gone into a state of Euphoria.  That is what Jesus meant when he said that if you just thought of sleeping with someone you have slept with them in your heart or in reality!  And that is also where the term, “Give the devil its due comes from.”  Those of us who hear voices in our head are quite popular with the “Devil” wanting such due from us!  Here is some song lyrics, “Little Joe never would give it away, Everybody had to pay and pay.”  That is from Bob Seger Velvet Underground "Wild Side" song..  I actually sang a song titled you can’t beat a mower on You Tube that means the same thing but nobody wanted to figure that out.  Here is a link.  In person I am not as dorky as I seem to myself in those videos:

You Can't Beat a Mower Video

So can someone turn up a 2.4ghz device that is not a wireless computer router and fry you while you are trying to sleep?  You bet they can.  And it would be very hard to catch!!! Because the frequency is the exact same as every other router only the Amplitude or “Broadcast” energy is greater.  Broadcast energy is really like the spark plug firing in your car-it puts out an electromagnetic wave.  And as stated above one of the first people that experimented with it died from a stroke.  Could it have been used to dehydrate the brain of Irishman Ronald Reagan and kill him?  Why do I say this?  He made the same type of comment that is the theme here, “What if we were attacked by an Alien race.”  They got Irishman Kennedy’s.  And they also got Irishman Clinton.  When it came time to Irishman Barrack Obama- he had already studied Communism.

Oh and if you are a Jew you might want to ask the question, “Did the voyeur Adolf Hitler depsychoenergize Jews before he put them to their death?  Where their Nazi’s or even American Spy’s that uptook the energy from Jews souls before they were killed?”  Nikolas Tesla did indeed market a particle beam weapon in Europe before WWII.  Adolf Hitler was indeed into the Occult and that means evil stuff like frying people with Microwave Weapons. If it makes you sick to read this congratulations you have given me hope for a better world!  You have made my day because It gives me the realization that their are good people still left in this world that would never believe such evil people existed!  You who are abhorred by this are the best hope for our future!

As you can see by my writing I know very well that groups of people under the same label do not all believe in the same thing or have knowledge of that same thing or participate in the same bad things together.  I always keep an open mind with regard to everyone I meet.  I regard them as someone to respect and learn from, however I am guarded against being naïve and too trusting also.  I often ask myself the question, “What does a person’s behavior tell me about their maturity and from comes from it- intelligence.”   That is right intelligence comes from maturity!  Put that in your philosophy pipe and stew about it!

So I am talking about you, you live in the United States and you are scared.  Don’t worry both China and Russia have populations that are exactly like you.  Also you would likely be welcome in South Africa.  But the United States was for those who could think for themselves and turn short term memories into long term memories.  Could you please allow it to be that way today?  Could you do that for the sake of humanity?  Can you let the United States be for those who do not have defective hippocampuses?  Could you take your alcohol and your bad religion to other countries?  Will you allow us to be free in the United States?  Will you allow us to have our Constitutional rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

It is kind of like all it takes is one bad Apple that cannot think for himself/herself to take advantage of an entire population.  And then be in league with the same such type of person who is the leader of another foreign country. 

Update #2

And one more point if that microwave modem for your computer is now as big as a piece of Chicklet gum it means that they have already made human implants that can track you that are a lot smaller!

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